MMNN-hii story ya Bobmil

Trump knows better. I talk from experience with our own…a simple difference is taking bribes to bend the law

The speaker in this video alludes to this in general terms and says that this has been going on and targeting indian investors and businessmen for the last couple of months. He then asks the government to get to the bottom of what has been happening or the economy will suffer. In other words, this is not an isolated incident.;m=2;s=42

nyumba nayo…

Looks like (billionaires) business wars. You know they got money to arm their handmen proper or even use ex-military men. The guy fired to scare them, thinking they were ordinary thugs.

Actions like these have far reaching implications. How can an expatriate/ External investor be, in Kenya when the government is performing such acts at the middle of the night.

What assuarance can the government give to those already inside kenya now.

Put your self in an expartiates shoes, even having an assuarance letter signed by all the powers that be, would you entrust your life with a government security aparatus which shoots first and asks questions later.


I know Bunty shah personally and he is/was the most humble son of a muhindi birrionaire that I have ever come across.
I am sad, very sad. I highly am suspicious of the statement by police.

Pole sana man

What about this: he is the only surviving son and apparent owner of the billions-worth company Bobmil. Got me thinking: Family manenos?

The guy was killed because of leaking information about printing of elections materials by Raila, the Ellam company accused by Raila is next door neighbour of Bobmil Company. Somebody who leaked the information had to be taken out.
My sources dont lie. This is wanjigi story copy paste.
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Enyewe thats another angle. With the tapping of phones in this era, people better keep what they see in their hearts. My opinion though.

Well atleast this govvt is an equal opportunity offender it kills and harasses the poor and the rich with equal impunity.Asians and the foreigners are now exiting enmasse. Transport industry is making a killing.Upcountry transport is fully booked at double fare. There is always a silver lining in every cloud.

It is not a true copy paste for the reason the caliber of those in the Bobmil saga is not the same as those who raided Wanjigi. You can see the difference in the manner in which both locations were breached and how much time it took. That said, the victim may have been setup by someone, possibly both sides were double crossed. As for Jakuon’s wild claims, they have roped in the world and extended to organisations such as WHO and foreign governments. Separating fact from fiction and coincidence is increasingly impossible. If that was the intended MO, why do it openly when there are near untraceable ways of such an end goal?