Mayweather or pacman

Who beats the other. An avatar in this village has reminded me of the coming fight.

Paqman all the way.

Mayweather is my man lakini hapa sioni akimake. That kaphilipino is small but has a big fight.

Mayweather anajua kuhepa sana. lakini pacman throws many punches in a second.

as my avatar reads

The fight is five years too late.

Pacman, though I’m sure Mayweather atashinda na haramu

Pacman all the way lakini mayweather atapewa anyway

mayweather mambo biad

Mtu wa mamomo kaa wewe

huyo gayweather atapigwa mpaka iyo saitan iko ndani yake itoke

Inaonyesha channel gani?

Pay per view. Sky, showtime, HBO etc

Beinsports??? I missed the super bowl cant imagine missing this also…

am neutral. My wish is someone gets KO’d. This business of boxing matches being decided on points imekuwa too much na fans hawataki ivo.

on a different note beinsports decorder na annual subs ni mangapi? Was iyo mtaa juzi but forgot to inquire

I had a contact in doha qatar who got it for me for 23k that includes a decoder plus 12months subscription its a single
Decode/view decoder

I have a Eurostar LT-950 with a 10ft dish (not sure this size, but it’s too big for my 10by10 abode.

Can it help @Luther12, @Meria Mata, @imei2012 n other knowers? Mbisha has refused to upload.

tutangoja iwekwe kwa torrents tu download

Inafaa uanze lesson one unataka fta ama pay tv?