Mayweather or pacman


si mtu achapwe knockout!!


What do you wanna receive with it?

This game.

Not available as FTA, only on paid subs. This 10’, is it the mesh-type or solid?

Poor me. What good use can I put the thing to? I don’t believe in paying for tv.

The dish is solid. Six pieces that are screwed together.

You sure it’s 10’? Coz if it is, that’s a goldmine right there. Give it a good LNB (e.g Stargold Fuji SG900 Single, 1500/=) and decoder (e.g Strong SRT-4950H, 4922) and aim it towards Eutelsat 7A.

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Btw I just stumbled upon the thing the other day. Was being used by my bro who passed on in Moyale in the line of duty. Kuna two Lnbs, cables, the receiver and dish.

Washa nijipange ninunue hizo vitu. Any idea on the Cost of the SRT 4950?

Not just 4950, it better be 4950H. Costs 6k at Alfa Sounds, Luthuli/River road jxn and at Fecom Technology, Electronics Centre, Luthuli avenue.

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im sure itaoneshwa dstv…tutakesha kwa pub if necessary, hope haitakuwa draw…by the way, is it a title match?

Thanks. Hio lazima nifanye next week. Wait for updates. or rather, consultation.

which shano?

nimeona waki advertise every time nikicheki ball…im sure may ikifika tuta kuwa in the loop.

Hamna wasiwasi, queries and consultations are always welcome.

It will be very expensive to watch that match on ppv. US viewers alone will pay 100$ to watch that fight at home.

I doubt it but if DSTV shows it then it will be great for all boxing fans. Mi nitatafuta tu online live streams.

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Boxing = Corruption. Mayweather atashinda, cue up rematch n make more money.

wataonyesha supersport 2 hope its live coz wameandika may 3 not 2 nd…sijui kama ni ju sio live or its coz of time difference

DiShThieVes are fucked up! S3 is fucking equal to bein 11 only tha bein 11 like all the20 beins are in glorious HD!

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