Market burned down in Busia

Just seeing on citizen that a market was burned down in Busia because those people apparently voted or are known to be Jubilee supporters. I dint get the whole story so if anyone can confirm…

@this is hard to understand, mbira sketch ama photo

Time for payback is quickly coming. Let them burn as much as they can. When thunder hits them, they will wish they followed their god’s advice.

Ata thermal image


AKi si nime sema i just watched on citizen

I also saw the story on Citizen but did not follow it.

ata GPS coordinates ya busia.

Irreducible minimums apply.
[li]Mbica[/li][li]Skechi[/li][li]GPRS footprint[/li][li]Heat map[/li][li]Trigonometric Algebra[/li][li]Or similar.[/li][/ul]

citizen waki upload hio video youtube i expect apologies from watu wa evidence

Check around -59:00 mins.

its not working

Click on the link that says watch this video on youtube. It should play directly from the youtube website.

Raila should know by now that the exodus is real

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It’s such a sad sight watching that lady whose livelihood has been destroyed because of Raila’s call for election boycott. I have friend in Vihiga who spent the night in fear because some gangs are looking for opportunities to loot businesses. They spent the day in running battles with the police not because of the elections but because they want to loot the businesses! This is the result of that stupid call. Many Kenyans are suffering for nothing including those in Kawangware.

Then wait for a photo later.

If nothing is done to fix this flawed process, 5 years down the road the same thing will happen. Please you lieutenant tell commander to fix this electoral process once and for all. Son some of us have seen all election processes in Kenya. It will be worse when someone will be sworn in.Police won’t help that much,just a temporal fix. I heard today that my rural home neighbor (kikuyu) who helped raise cash for the unfortunates,her shop was broken into and her life is in danger.This is wrong and shouldn’t be this way. I hate it as it gets and wish it can stop.But if nothing is done now, 2022 it will happen again. The hatred seed is germinating. 2022 is fast approaching.Tell your boss awache pombe,be sober for once and think. I said again, please Mr. Ouru do the right thing for once…

Luckily 2022 is very far my fren. Leave alone ouru. He will never be affected by silly boycotts or demonstrations.

Tell the goons to stop attacking people as they did in kawangware where a pregnant woman was raped and her belly torn apart.

Son stop being myopic. 2022 is far???
I’m troubled and I’m sure raila hates this because he has a big heart. But ask yourself, there is something wrong with the system:1992,2007,2017, same things are happening. 2002 was unique because all were united. Cant you unite kenyans like 2002 than saying ‘its only 2 tribes that voted, kikuyu and kakenjin and they are the same that fought for independence no other tribe.’ Yet you are the leader?Can’t you fix the whole process once and for all.