Market burned down in Busia

No matter how much we fix the process, raila amolo Odinga will ALWAYS LOOSE.

Maraga said it’s the process but the process produces NUMBERS. Not boycotts,violence,anarchy or stones.

Raila has always had plenty of the latter NOT numbers.

I will revisit ,seems you don’t get my point son.

Revisiting will only be done LEGALLY by the other side.

The other side can not revisit but only destroy.

Why wasn’t there these kind of clashes during multiparty time? Only now that one candidate feels robbed is when we have clashes? Why didn’t the governors, senators react by instigating violence to those who dint vote for them?
The electoral system will check itself once people sell good agendas like the opposition of the late 80s and early 90s.

He will never be affected? Kwani hiyo maziwa yake huwa tunatumia kutoa lock atauzia wapi?

Hehehe majority of luos can’t afford milk. Leave alone brookside. Watu wa nyanza ni watu wa strong tea na mandazi. Hata ng’ombe huwa hazifugwi nyanza. I have been there i know what am saying.
The taste of milk is strange to you.

Ugandan media were first to report on it:

At least they do not shove their phalluses into goats and cows and wrinkled old pussies and win in polls stupidly with a margin that exceeds the turnout by over a million. They got brains, not shiny eyes and creamy teeth.

Better shove in animals with a full stomach than abstain with an empty stomach. You get shoved by your tingod anyway

Election is about numbers and if you master cannot Marshall up enough followers he will lose again and again… In competition you don’t have to remind everyone about the two tribes rhetoric… If they can be able to to gather the numbers they will win…

He is not a proven dick recipient like your jicho nyanya gully mouthed buttocks scratching dimwit

Oooooo I had forgot One Arap Moi castrated the Lord of poverty hehehe. I wonder who mounts Ida. I would love to chew the milf

a lister in Klost wrote "Only Ida can suck smegma off Raila’s prepuce

And some specific communities will be violently targeted again and again… Just think about. Fix it right once and for all. I hate to see Kenyans divided by their tribes but our tribal warlords both jubilee and odm have perfected it. We don’t learn at all. We don’t

Hiyo maandazi sijui umetoa wapi, ilikuwa nyoyo Na strungi

Above all, there is no exception to this rule: that the idea of political superiority always resolves itself into the idea of psychological superiority.”

“Without cruelty, there is no festival.”