man's not hot skraaa pop pop..........

Yaas this song just is just crazy but definately it has blown up…it was trending worldwide even in Germany(for those who don’t know they don’t speak english in Germany they speak using their toes don’t ask me how) But question is this why? let us decipher the lyrics kiasi shall we?
2+2=4-1 thats 3 quick maths(yes he starts by doing some quick arithmetic)
your dad is 44 (is this a bad age to be a dad?) and oh yeah lest we forget the name of the song and chorus ‘‘man’s not hot.’’(why the f would you sing that?)
and finally the shooting sounds ‘‘skraaa pop pop traaaa twa twa twa boom boom pap pap!’’( crazy, loco!)
if anyone could have told you this would be a hit last year what would you have said? It doesn’t matter the song is hot and we love it.

this next one is even crazier it will be hitting 300,000,000 views very soon and it’s just 1 month old . if you want to sing along just say gucci gang repeatedly until the song ends!

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plus already is a thread here…dont post old ass shit

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