man's not hot skraaa pop pop..........

Wacha nilale usiniambukize ujinga, wewe pigwa baridi huko norway


@Freakazoid aka @screwplus mjinga kula block tena.makende hii.ave never seen a fool like you

@admin i din mention autism in this post so why also delete…[ATTACH=full]145980[/ATTACH] damn i can post some cray shit though

Wait @admin you also deleted the piss joke I just said his slow…Even that …Ama you also think he got autism and am making fun of someone who has it…It doesn’t make sense deleting it…Osungu.dll iko sawa I just feel like someone their is salty and a shit mod…Cuz kuna implications by deleting a post …If I were you when it comes to my thread just act like this
And leave ma posts alone