Manipulative Wife

I love sex, my wife loves it too. But I think she using sex to manipulate me.We had gone through a lot in our sex life but since last month things have changed for the better.
But last week she made a to do list and let me know sex is a reward when the list is checked off. Kama sitafanya then hakuna sex. Since i love her and i didn’t want to disappoint her i promise to try my best. last night i try to initiate sex,the wife went from accepting my advances with eagerness, to rejecting them because I didn’t fulfill all her promises. After some argument, she reluctantly agreed, this is after kunipea deadline ya to complete the few remaining things on the list.

Long story short, the sex was awful, the pussy was drier than Sahara, laying back like a starfish and looked uncomfortable like she just wanted it over with. It was so sad and felt so pathetic that I just ended it. She was asleep asubuhi nikienda job, i have been trying to call her since a few hours ago but she is not answering the phone. Weird.

Dead marriage

Give me a better definination of a simp…soon the list of things to do will include you cooking and washing dishes…you only wear a pair of trousers in that house coz allows it.

hivi ndo vitu kwa ground ziko:D:D:D:D

:D:D:D:D:D… MGTOW= FREEDOM… Beta male planteshen worker ghaseer , welcome to hell ,hii ndio inaitwa bait and switch tactics,hapa wewe you are walking on eggshells for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

and they said sex is indefinite in marriage

:D:D:D:Dprepare, kupiga dasta haijawekwa kwa list Bado,
Kondison Na masharti mi najua tu, Amri za Mungu Na Jeshi, if ur serving, hizi zingine Ni cheeeeth
Mwanaume mzima anakua controlled with pucy, pretend ur not interested in it, she will come on her knees, otherwise we Ni meffi in my eyes

Atleast you got laid, kuna wengine waliona kuma before pandemic.

What is the difference between your wife and Malaya wa sabina or rico ?? in both cases money for exchange of services afadhali hata lanye they appreciate a loyal customer with free sex when you’re broke.
you should leave her with immediate effect.

unless she has an extremely huge leverage, I don’t see why you should be tolerating stuff kama hivi

exert dominance ama you boycott pia … kama mbaya mbaya

If your dog start to bark at you somebody else is feeding it…The fact that she told what she intended to do if you didn’t fulfill your obligations and you accepted is some next level spineless nigaa bullshit. You deserve what is happening to you the sooner you untack your balls the better .

shida ni wewe, sio bibi

This is how it starts…then bang…fingerless motherfucker…ask Jonny Depp.

Kuna anapewa bure bila tashwishi zozote

Talk for urself bro.
Uninyime Maku kwangu? How now?
Unakanyanga kubwa kubwa.

Hio ni haki yako mwanamke wako hafai kukuwekea conditions just pretend lije you ain’t interested vile talker amasema hapo juu uone kama hutabembelezewa na pole mingi

Stranger than fiction

That’s the problem with modern marriages. Women use sex as a tool for reward or punishment. And that’s why most marriages are dying at astronomical rates.


No wonder wanawake wamekua entitled hivi, nyinyi wanaume ndio mnawapea ammunition.