Male enhancement pills#Luther

There are various stamina, male vitality and libido improving products sold over the counter in upmarket chemists including pure herbal clinics.These pills are turning even the weakest of men into Alpha males…
what is the difference btw these and other blue pills like Viagra…
what are the side effects if any…
what would the good doctor recommend especially for a Nyeri man or one who intends to have a mind blowing foursome@Luther

hebu uliza @ekamsweu …si alimeza hizi madawa he started seeing sounds and feeling colours!


Halafu ukule hii momo[ATTACH=full]8159[/ATTACH]

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For more permanent results… I suggest you take the Maca root; it’s natural, improves endurance & virility! Ukipata powder it’s the best! Utachapa mpaka zilale!

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That is what you use?


What do you think?

:D:D Maswali zako hunimaliza

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Grey area. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend them. Lots of them contain sub-therapeutic doses of usual anti-ED medication such as sildenafil, taladafil & vardenafil which should NEVER be used without a prescription.

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Ati alpha male, top kek :D. Sema randy he goats.


so when buying, one should avoid the ones containing those…what of ‘herbal ones’ or is herbal just a name…

where can one get that ‘marco root’…

Hii kijiji still gets me confused as fuck with pink and blue handle… Are you a dude juu waelewa lot of men stuff or am i drunk.

Steer clear of those things labelled ‘herbal’. Anytime you see that word, hold on tight to your wallet.

I wonder, why would anyone wanna treat a problem that doesn’t exist? If you do not have ED, why take medication for the same?

Its like a vaccination for them. If they take it now they will never have it in the future.


Google maca root powder & it’s benefits…

Well,well doctor…please do what you do best! Google maca root

It would be safer if you ask @FieldMarshal CouchP what he uses.

You missed his point by a mile.

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