Male enhancement pills#Luther

Nop! The doctor is talking about ED…The dude wants vitality!!

Vitality can be achieved through culinary habits and exercise. You don’t need those supplements for that.

Absolutely! Diet is key…The super foods for vitality include The maca root, ginger root & Garlic!!

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What @Luther12 meant is just because the packaging of anything says “Herbal”, it doesn’t mean it’s herbal. In most cases, it’s just a way to get your cash since most people these days are obsessed with herbal stuff.



dude sare madawa fanya tizi. go to the gym do squats with as little as 50kg on your shoulders, some dumbells and lie on your tummy on the bench then lift weiguts with your achilles utasikia muscles chini ya makei siki tighten then three days a week toka nduthe at least three km for starters.


kuna pia ati horny goat

hiyo maca root mtu anapata wapi kenya?

Ebu google hiyo swali…ziko!

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Maurice Matheka is in the building!!! Puuuuuuullllll Uuuuuuuppppppp!