Making money online in Kenya demystified

Last weekend there was a comment I made about how guys with unlimited internet connection can make some money on their free time.Skills that can make money include IT, writing SEO articles, Transcription, academic writing and affiliate marketing. I have a background in IT and that doesn’t mean that you need the same to make some coin.

IT Skills:
Let me start with people with IT skills, there is a huge demand for people who can develop software for Windows, Web apps and mobile apps. The size of projects and expertise determine you pay grade. Even a noob who can install Wordpress or Joomla can have something to do. The pay for can be from $5 an hour to $100 an hour. Skills required are HTML,PHP, C#,Ruby,Python,Java and Java Script among other languages. With coding it’s like speaking if you can learn one language as a mother tongue so to speak learning a different one is not hard. Where to get the jobs:,, and . To get the jobs available you need to create a profile which is more like a CV, pitch on the jobs listed and you get paid in USD. Pic below is from Elance.

SEO article Writing:
For all the grammar nazis led by @gashwin you can make anything from $10 for a page of 500 words. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Basically this is writing articles or blog posts for people with websites. There are some terms like keywords and keyword density, which you can google and find out what they mean before starting out on this. below is a screenshot of sites that you can start your quest from.
Academic writing:
This is a field that have made Kenyatta Uni students drop out of school and some graduate and have never looked for jobs or will never. The obvious answer is because they are minting big time. There are lazy ass rich white kids that just want to pass their exams and without sweating for it. This is something that I have not done personally but I know of people doing quite well. There is a learning curve to this on this likes citation of essays. The essays that you write can be for high school, under grad, post grad etc. Post grad thesis and essays can pay as much as $50 per page. Due to the pretty coin involved, the barriers of entry are a notch higher. The best resource is a facebook group which is by Kenyans. You can ask questions or be willing to be trained for a fee etc. That is not my field so I live it at that.

On transcription you can get to this other facebook group

P.S My gramar might not be perfect and I dont have the time to proof read, grammar nazis GTFO!

P.S.S I will talk of affiliate marketing in a future post in detail.

@Mzee mzima you are free to ask any question.



Quick question before Mzee mzima arrives:is article writing as lucrative as it used to be? The coders and the other people with specialised IT skills are still balling, but I think this article writing market is saturated. All one needs is internet connection and a firm grasp of English, so the barriers to entry are really low. There’s a nigga I know who used to survive on article writing but is finding it increasingly difficult to maintain his lifestyle. The jobs are getting more scarce/competitive. He doesn’t tell me this directly but I can tell.


That is true, Indians, Pakistanis and Philipinos are to blame. They can live on bread and water and therefore undercut everyone. If the guy has a good grasp of the queens language he can try essay writing. I know of a lady from KU who employs guys to do the donkey work. She has a website for that.

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I know of a guy who does articles, he showed me a screen shot analipwa $6 (USD) for a 200 word article which he writes in 30 minutes or even one hour, he does 10 such articles in a day, he makes good money i.e. $60 per day


Sema @Web Dev . Uko tusker ya ngapi sasa?
Thanks for the info.

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I tried & People per hour for so many weeks. but sijafaulu.

Huyo I’m sure started back when the internet was still a luxury, so he’s built a name for himself. Some people hit a comfort zone and refuse to think further. I mean if you’re good at article writing why not make hay while the sun shines? Always be one step ahead like the lady @Web Dev mentioned. While writing those articles try learning some new skills that’ll pay more. The dude I’m talking about only writes articles. I once asked him to consider learning new skills and he looked at me like “nigga wtf do you know about our industry?”


Leo nko sober sana. Hio kuandika yote huwes ukiwa tings. :smiley:

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Where did you fail? First weka picha poa kwa profile. You can use a guy in a suit sort of thing. Secondly pitch like a pro talk of your degrees and passions. ETC. Look at the profile of the guy’s with most earnings and learn something. BTW I have also hired from those sites and most indians are just spamming without writing anything related to what you want done.

I agree with you, I started small time projects and moved to my own outfits. I can’t work for anyone now.

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There was a time I was very good in Java and Joomla , guess when am free may get back to the game

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Does it have to be my pic? Or i can google for pics? They also insist on skype address.

nangojea lola alibuff what somebody said.
the last time i checked they were people living because they understand the queens mothertongue and were will to work long hours

Look for a black version of James Spader on your profile. Skype is a must, that is where you sell yourself in real time. You wont get a job if your profile pic is like the one below.

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OKay. I had put my actual pic but I have problem with my skype account. Let me see what I can do.

damn unexpected

The real money is in data analysis. SPSS, STATA etc. A 2-day job hives me 20k so I only need 3 jobs per month and I have enough money for rent, dry fry, 1st generation and 2nd generation :D:D:D


Tafutia Junkie vyenye anaeza make pesa na kawasaki


Asanti @Web Dev I am actually interested in Academic Writing. I have been writing for a certain madam but she is pregnant therefore the work schedule was interrupted a bit. I now want to purchase an account and from my intel a good a/c will cost me 80-120k, this is what I can raise. Pia nataka kusomea programming at least pia niweze kuingiza some good mullah. @The_Virus ulisoma which course ndo uweze kufanya jobs za data analysis? Kuna short courses naeza jifunza ndo niweze those kind of jobs? @Web Dev do you know anyone who sells academic accounts?