@Luther12 @meria mata- KODI TV

@Luther12 and @Meria Mata. I have the Kodi tv installed and also downloaded and watched some channels like aljezera. However, I want more of sports, nat geo, documentary etc. Advice how to proceed[ATTACH=full]12073[/ATTACH]

hujawai wacha kuheist mahewa?


Download SportsDevil add-on

Buy the Android TV Box. It comes preloaded with KODI and all the necessary Add-ons to watch all content you need. Over 100 add-ons with premium TV channels and content. From Sports to Entertainment, Documentaries etc. Connects to your TV via HDMI or AV/RCA. It’s plug and play, no configuration required. Contact me, I have them.


Jibu swali ameuliza. Sio kumpea alternative…

On another note, hiyo android tv box unauza pesa ngapi?


Hehe. Installing KODI on your computer, ni training ground. You need it more on your TV. Hapo ndio utamu wa KODI upo.

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Installing all the gd add ons sio mchezo bro, its a process that has to be followed in steps, like Muzo said. its a training ground.

Pesa ngapi?

How do I do it? Nimeenda kwa videos, add ons but cannot see SportsDevil

Let me sample kwa comp for 1 month ikiwa mzuri I will buy the gadget for tv. I will buy it from you

Nimepata instructions online. Give me 20minutes I come back with feebdack whether am successful or not

ni mangapi

@vuja de thanks alot. surely wewe ni strong to serve. Sasa nipee add ons zingine za maana[ATTACH=full]12090[/ATTACH]


i spend most of my day hustling
get home watch news
after supper i bust all kinds of nutz

Hiyo KODI ukiwatch unatumia firefox/chrome or it has its own browser? Na speed yako ya net ni ngapi? Watch nayo game ya leo ya Man Utd then give us feedback.

unatumia nini exactly? mirracast?

So that Android box has wifi capability or it is connected by lan cable to a router?

it even has a slot for a sim card

It only has KODI or does it have other preinstalled programs? Coz hiyo ukiwa na ile faimba ya 5k per month (5mps) then you can watch so many quality channels. If more people have fast and reliable residential internet, then DSTV will have to close shop and take their bs elsewhere.

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