@Luther12 @meria mata- KODI TV

Zuku ya 10 Mbps ni 4,299/=

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It also has Mobdro, Netflix, fully functional Play Store.

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Zi natumia comp. If am not wrong mirrorcast is the linking of phone to TV. right?

KODI is a software


It has Mirracast too. plays content from your phone on your TV.

I know. Just wanted to know the interface/browser a PC user watches channels on.

so una connect laptop to tv using hdmi, hivyo tu?


:):)Good thread! Thanks guys!

Hello @Okiya. Sorry been off most of the day. Ordinarily, adding the add-ons is quite a lengthy procedure that has to be done step-by-step. However, the instructions are available online for you to try at your own convenience. To start you off, try this add-on, Phoenix:


Luther twerrof si nilikuambia upost hii thread

hehehe…we’ve already discussed it here in at least three different threads if my memory serves me right.

I just wish residential broadband becomes widely available. It will expand people’s entertainment choices.

True. This is the only ‘rate limiting step’ as it were.

How much?

Got one at 13k from Gadgethub kenya fb. Inclusive with Wireless keyboard, mouse and remotecontrol

Genesis addon for latest movies and series, Footballhighlights addon

Thank you

This thing hutumia what quantity of internet?

Im on 1mbps zuku package (sh.1199 per month) Kodi na Mobdro’s channels zinastream flawless but in SD mode. If you select HD itahang lakini si sana.