Lowest Festive Season Ever

Today is the worst day ever villagers. My first Christmas without my dear mum. Hata sijui nimesurvive vipi the entire year but I thank God she’s in a place of no pain.

Good cheer to you all.

Pole Mdau for the loss.
May she RIP.
Mourning is part of the healing process. I have been there and it’s not easy.

Sorry for that

Pole sana dude. Trust me it gets easier with time.

Pole sana.

I am sorry

What happened?

Take heart villager.

Pokea rambi rambi zangu.

What a coincidence, it’s also my first without Mathee around.

Pole bro. MSRIP

Kemei nani amekuuliza hii yote?

No it doesn’t, you just have to live with it.

@Unataka kujua ili?

We could be saying the same thing. I lost one of mine and how I felt a year after his death is not how I feel now. I have not forgotten him and neither has the black hole been covered but I am not overly consumed by grief. Guys told me it will get easier and I really hated them.

pole elder, it’s hard take heart. be strong.

I also think it depends on how close you were to the ones you lost.

Take heart.

Peasant in Chief

I disagree. I had to find a way of coping else I would have died of a broken heart. I miss them dreadfully but that sense of helplessness/despair has greatly reduced.

It affects you more if you live in denial.
If you accept and move on, it gets easier.