Lowest Festive Season Ever

Ghaseer uwesmake kesho tunawafinya maneche pale Emirates

Pole @Masgwembe

Try focusing on the good and happy moments with her, especially this period. As an African mom, lazima kuna tu vitu alifanya zitakupa smiles hadi next year. If you prefer other people’s company, itasaidia pia.

Above all, take heart and hang in there. The pain will always be there, just less and less over time.

Lost my grandmother this year too. Alinilea from when 7 years old.
To the departed souls may they rest in peace.
For the rest of us, to brighter days ahead

Pole sana


Why exactly are you sorry? Did you kill her yourselefu?


Pole sana mdau

Pole Sana brother. May you find peace, consolation and closure.

MHSRIP pole sana

Sorry for your loss boss, such is the way of life. I know the pain you feel and like @Finest wine has said, time is a master healer.

Pole. I lost mine too, but she’s forever in my memories. Though gone, they’re still a part of us.