Losing money

Talkers what is the largest amount of money you have ever lost, either in a business dealing, or a loan or just getting conned.Mine is that i once lost 200 thousand to this mnyama called forex, nakwambia niliskia kujinyonga, hadi leo nikiskia hio mambo naskianga uchungu.What’s your story?

Mie ni sow sita hapo nje ya rico nilipata lanye flani walalo akanizubaisha na akanipickpocket kama ninamfinga,hapo ndo nilijua nina ufala but iits over now


70k to a rela around 2005, I cried like a baby explaining to my mum aniitishie juu was fired from work. Lesson learnt, never lend your relatives or friends (I guess anyone) money that you are not ready to loose.


300K, Back then in 2006 in Kampala Uganda, Waganda haki ya mungu ni wezi! I was to give them 300k real Kenyan money na wanipatie 3M zile za wash wash, the wash wash was actually real with all the features za real bank notes. I gave them 300k, they gave me 3m new notes with two escort cars to escort me to Busia border, the idiots followed me and stopped us dressed like police officers. When I tried to resist one guy suggested to the others that they shoot me in the leg ndio nijue wako serious. Yaani I was a millionaire for 1 hour then kaboooom, the money is gone.

Hii story, nikifikiria mi hutaka kulia.


Point noted machozi ndo first option why?

Juzi nilipoteza 5 sok kwa troja yenye ilikua na shimo.ile machozi nilitoa…

When I remember how I got the 300k, I put my job on the line.

eish, the most I have lost is 140K at a go na ilikua a relative aliniomba for some emergency only for him to take MWK for an adventure, sijamuona hadi wa leo. lakini nimeibiwa pesa hapa na pale ulevini

Na mko na pesa…i lost 5k i gave a workmate he refused to refund

any dry fry session before you gave out the money coz ladies nowadays pay wasee.

Shunga venye unasema :D…am too hot for that , ilikuwa ya biz yake

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There is no honour among thieves:D:D


Was thinking the same thing wako na pesa mingi sana hadi za kununua watu. Niambieni how to make that much money!

Waganda ni bad news my pal lost 4 million in the same way, did a transaction the next thing the cops(the buyer sent them )
wakawashika and it was illegal biz :frowning: …and went with all the cash

i lost stocks and money amounting t about 150k through theft on my first pharmaceutical outlet. i felt pain because like 50k was not paid to suppliers. but mwanaume ni kujikaza. borrowed restocked and paid my debts then sold the premise for a profit.


nilipotezanga thao 13 kwa club… i drunk my self sill… wuuuwi before nirudi normal nilishangaa kupata sina pesa hata!!

lesson:- pesa weka kwa mpesa


siku hizi kuna lipa na mpesa kila mahali, you can be in the club with 70k kwa mpesa hata uwekewe mchele the only thing you lose is your phone


150k to a friend who even today behaves like nothing happened. When I raise the issue, she categorically tells me she has no money, na kweli hana based on the situation she is in. With no agreement or witness, where does someone start to recover the money?

"150k to a friend who even today behaves like nothing happened. When I raise the issue, [SIZE=5]she"[/SIZE]
Never expect refunds from a she

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@Okiya ama Wacha Tu I am a She too.