Losing money

I once dry fried a pal of mine when I was in campo. A few weeks later she later borrowed me soft loan ya 5k akanunue nguo za kuenda interviews. Chic did not pay the money. I kept of reminding her for almost 8 months then one day she dropped the bombshell!! Ati the day I dry fried her I made her PG and she had to abort using her own money. So akaniambia infact I owe her 5k coz kuabort was 10K. Niliwacha iyo deni


@Okiya ama Wacha Tu by tha way shorten your nameā€¦ but those are normal stories youā€™ll never df a chick for free one day she will borrow money never to return, mostly either school fee balance others sickness, etc etc. thats how we loose money i have lost alot canā€™t count

2,600. Was on my way to have a tooth filled. Kuingia reception ya hosi nilipata handkerchief pekee kwa mfuko.

Lesson learnt when you dry fry a chick dont give in to her demands no matter how nice she appears, now use this advice on the rest, and recovef the money lost

25 k to a relaā€¦aliniambia atanisakia CPA papers tukachapa deal poaā€¦nikatafta macandidates wengine kisha nikamlipa pesaā€¦ustake jua vile alinitoka mpaka wa leo.ni sawa tuā€¦nililearn
hakuna shortcuts

22k nilikuwa supplier wa chumvi sides za narok, siku moja nikapelekea wamaasai huko wakadai pesa nikujie after 1 week wakiuza mgombeā€¦kurudi nakuta walihama na manyatta yoteā€¦ilinibidi niombe lift hadi home


lolā€¦am sure ulangalia hadikwa sole ya kiatu kuconfirm

11yrs ago niliwahi form 4 flani 500/- akidai atarejesha na caution money akiclear nikiwa form 3. Hadi wa leo naidai. This year nimereverse a total of 120k on my Eazy254, mpesa na lipa na mpesa successfully after wrong transactions.

I now see everyone has a story of them being a fool and their moneyā€¦I have been conned enough times to cry over any. Bt given the nature of my work I do close deals that are worth the risk.

i lost 75k to two relatives of mine. I also lost 20k to my pastor in a loan to repair cracks on church floor ati it was urgent hehehe, actually he wanted 40k nikakataa. i have learnt my lesson, will never trust anyone when it comes to money matters ever.


i lost 15k after landlord refused to refund my depo, mind you i had given him two months notice. Na mimi nika jichuna maskio, since then nakaalia deposit na landlord ama agent akilete nyef nyef na mwaga cement kwa choo,sink na ma drainage. Once bittenā€¦


Thatā€™s not a friend

I got conned some 10k by some agent in Nairobi sometime back when I was painfully looking for the middle east jobs only for him kuhamisha his office to an unknown location on a weekend. Mi kufika huko the following Monday morning kuchukua air ticket na visa, nikapigwa na butwa na mshangazo

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Hehehe ati cementā€¦noma!

kwanza lending money to a friend=killing friendship

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hio ya cement ni noma!!!

some of us may have fallen victim to this one; i lost 2k nikiwa highschool on a day back for tuition, i was window shopping cool phones kwa displays in town when a guy approaches me with a very fancy nokia N-Series phone,whispred hes selling it only for 2k,out of greed i decided to buy it after checking that it was genuine then go and sell it at school for double the amount,he removed the sim card and the exchange took place and we parted ways. kutoa simu later on niringie mabeshte,nilifinya button ya kuiwasha ikaingia ndani na ikapotelea na huko,other buttons when pressed would not come back up,kumbe ilikua matope ndani ya casing.to this day iā€™ve never understood how the nigga swapped the phones.


@Afro woi! Ati unashop for a phone ukiwa highschool.acha niandike will

Kenyans have a peculiar habitā€¦someone Sold me a phone around 2004ā€¦I was sitted in a matatu hapo OTC. Someone walked towards me na nikanunua simu kama niko ndani ya matā€¦only to discover later ilikua matope. 7K kwisha potea. Upto this day I never believe I was soooo stupid.


@Afro that time niligongwa hio design pia.Was a fresh guy from colle earning 30k.Hio ilikua doh juu tropez na zeep beer ilikua 150. Feelya