Light skin dudes..

Y’all are worse than slay queens… I don’t understand why light skinned men wanakuanga na maringo hivi… Kwanza akiwa na tattoos na those dreadlocks sasa hatutapumua!!! Smh

I can never date a light guy, kujifanya hot cake and then he turns to be the lady in the relationship. Manicured nails, lip gloss, eyebrows sijui zimepigwa cut, et al.

Men are no longer men… Wakona abs but only for decoration, attracting slay queens. They can be beaten into a pulp yet they show off their muscles. They are the ones leading in taking selfies…na dress code?? Have y’all seen those crop tops for men?? Uuuuiiih.

Anyway light skinned dudes what’s your problem??

Mbona unatusi @M2Random aka @Volton aka @Quanstrom
Heshimu ktalk male lightskins

Kuna wengi hapa, utapewa list yao in a short while.

Ktak Lightskin rollcall imeitwa!

Whiny wewe. I hate You

light skin men date attractive women only so I can guess your grievances
tupe hekeya ya kupewa blue tick

lanes madze lanes…last time i checked South Sudan is still a country.:D:D

@Quanstrom njoo kiasi ujibu mashtaka.

Mnajifanya hivo na mnataka watoi wenyu wakue light skin ata hao kababa. You ladies need to make up your minds.

generation yetu ya 80s hakuna maumbwa kama hizo za lipgloss na eyebrows manicured unless ni homosexual kama @Freakazoid , @Quanstrom @M2Random @Voltron

Wait?? You are lightskin too?? Tulia SQ am straight :slight_smile:

Wait, what?? I love dark… :oops::stuck_out_tongue:

You must be pitch black hadi unawacha pigment kwa bedsheets.


Forrowing …

Am not dark… Trust me ;):slight_smile:

Mimi ni dark…Si wajua the darker the berry the sweeter the juuuus…

Nisafishe mecho pale inbox.:D:D

I can lay the pipe to flush away all those bad memories phylgee

I saw one of your photos sometimes back in one of the threads but it was too blurred

sema your eyes were still dirty. itisha visafisha macho pole pole padre. wacha rusungu mingi

Reminds me of that light skinned in a clip along super highway who was being towed by cops anapiga nduru madam wake akimtetea @Ice_Cube ,leta clip.