Light skin dudes..

Uuuuiiih… Don’t bring that up… Mtu alininasa when I pulled down that pic… Am glad it was blurred though

You are dark as night

M2Random ,Njeri-bootiez na wengineo njooni myasikie haya.

Sawa shenzi… :slight_smile:

sawa omwami. [SIZE=1]but mtu haitishi directly hivo, you go slowly then utapewa bila any efforts.[/SIZE]

Were your advances ignored ? Women gave light skinned men that entitlement just as thirsty guys make below average women think they are "slaying ". The blame is on your Kenyan sistas.

ktalk ukipatikana na mpira kwa uwanja on a bad day unapewanga tackle zingine mbaya sana

Effindense is your only way out…naukiniita shenzi tena utaona cha mtema kuni.

Padre ona huyu…

Hehe…before she knew the rule of the game, she had uploaded her real pic…her face as her avator. She ain’t dark skin

Pole usijali.

How did I miss that pic…phylgee inbox hio blurred pic;)

What memories?? :smiley:

Nuh… I only had one light skinned boyfriend, he was my first. He was OK… But huku nje nimejionea mambo

My deer, C.I.D @Ice_cube is entangled (soul ties manenos) ,with Nyar Kabete herself [USER=682]@Purr_27. You are not safe around him.[/USER]


For one am forced to agree with you but don’t assume am a dark skinned Sudanese.

For once in the history of ktalk… But chocolate is light too :rolleyes:

Meffi type :mad:
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Haha sawa. So how can a guy get to see you pose like your avatar ?:wink: