Let's stop this pussyfooting and call it as it is, Uhuru fwucked his transition

We are blaming Ruto for going after the dynasties or forcing them to negotiate; then we start flapping gums ati Uhuru was let down by those around him, yada yada yada blah de bleh. Why don’t we want to place the buck where it stops? Uhuru was the president of the republic and all those around him were recruited by him and answered to him. How come he didn’t know there was hanky-panky going on?

Jomo managed his transition smoothly. He made a deal with Moi, got rid of Ronald Ngaka and made Moi VP. He knocked sense into his Kiambu mafia negotiated with Moi to patronize his family and interests and quietly went to be with his ancestors.

Moi didn’t want Raila taking over from him so he threw him some maize, kut kut! A powerful ministry and SG of Kanu. A restrained Raila waiting to be toshad allowed Kibaki to unite the opposition. And with other hopefuls in Kanu fighting Raila Moi pulled a rabbit out of his hat. The rabbit’s name? Uhuru Kenyatta. With that stroke of genius, Moi safeguarded his interests because Kibaki was a friend and former VP and they grabbed land together. They also shared a history, both were fought by Kiambu mafia so Moi knew with Kibaki the Kiambu mafia wouldn’t take control as sone of whom he beat to pulp were alive and kicking. With Uhuru running as a Kanu candidate, Moi paid Njenga Karume a visit and the entire Kiambu coalesced under Uhuru. Simply genius, eh?

In Kibaki’s second term, he organized his transition. Possibly in agreement with Moi, or out of his own decision (Kibaki was Uhuru’s godfather), he started planning for Uhuru’s nice to state house. Those around him didn’t want Uhuru (the mashetani Uhuru referred to). They “forced” Kibaki’s hand to make Uhuru step down for Madvd. Kibaki played the fool. What some people don’t know is that Kibaki continued supporting Uhuru and had Gen. Karangi support Uhuru chini ya maji. As Ruto said at Lucy Kibaki’s funeral, it was Lucy who summoned him to state house and asked him to work with Uhuru. The Kibaki’s were working chini ya maji, and even after Uhuru rejoined the race, Kibaki acted aloof but he fully supported Uhuru.

Gentlemen and ladies, that is how to manage political transitions. It allows one to negotiate with the next president seamlessly. In the US when Obama was running and he was neck to neck with Hillary Clinton, a race that threatened to split the Democratic party, as the party was torn between backing the first woman president or the first black president, Pres. Bill Clinton called Obama to negotiate. The Clintons would back Obama and he in turn would work to get Hillary into White House;that’s how it was that Hillary was appointed Sec. of State and given a free hand to build her portfolio.

PS: Moi had no degree

Before the hate brigade open their eyes. Pewa mbili. This is how power works and exchanges hands. Behind the curtains is where things take place. Powerplay works that way. It is always a matter of take care of my interests and I will have your back at beck and call.

Asande omwami. Hizo mbili lazima, na si iongeze 150 ya ile maneno

Hot air. Kenyan voters are dumb and I see no change coming any time soon.

Brace for hard times and look out for your own

:D:D:D:D:D another retarded Nabii follower. Am certain following things will happen;

  1. Kenyatta with his billions and land is going nowhere and nothing will happen to him/family.
  2. Nothing is going to change in Kenya instead things will be very grim courtesy of Nabii inability to think.

This thread is not about hope. So yours is the hot air. For hope go the kabisa ya Size 8. This thread is about hardcore realpolitik

Unataka kuteremsha na panua cheeks ya yule directory ya Kijiji?:D:D:D:D

Where do I say that I am vouching for Ruto? Iam simply discussing why we have political bile, sabre rattling threats and invectives pitying the incumbent with the immediate former president? I know, kuelewa sio ya kila mtu

Now Uhuru’s mum has to step in to clean up after him. Mama Ngina is now handling the transition, and doing a far much better job than her son. You negotiate with power if your interest is safeguarding your business; you heckle and curse the sun if your interest is building a political career. Simple logic that Uhuru should have employed

People should be charged for using the word genius too carelessly.

So say bitter losers.

The electorate gets a choice between puke and diarrhea but you still imagine it a war between angels and demons

That’s actually a great idea… That’s GENIUS

Sijasoma all that kinyesi umeandika hapo juu.

Ni sawa. It means sio wewe nilikua naandikia. Yet umeingia kwa kinyesi na kuanza kulambalamba

I stand accused. But in mitigation, I didn’t refer to an individual but an action

Kenyan politics is mostly about forcing things into place. There is no genius in that.

Uhunye was absolutely hopeful Rao would get the seat and protect their interests

Why would you smooth transition someone publicly insulting you.

uhunye was a drunkard who only worked from time to time. His heavy drinking is a major reason why everything in government was so disorganized. He need to seek treatment for his alcoholism. There is no shame in admitting when you have failed. The problem was his stubbornness and refusal to admit his shortcomings. Kamanda bitterly complained about this


@magreb kuja na usitumane