Let's stop this pussyfooting and call it as it is, Uhuru fwucked his transition

Mblo,Uncle Ruto started his homework the moment Uhuru said “kumi yangu na kumi ya William”.In 2013 the govt was 50-50 for both and Ruto put his key figures at every strategic govt offices,military,treasury all the way to IEBC.
2017,Jubilee nominations Ruto took over and did some magic as per words of Kabogo who blamed him.When Maraga nullified the presidential election results,Ruto again pushed a tired Uhuru to soldier on as Raila chickened out.
The handshake between Uhuru and Raila gave Ruto more time to work on his grand march to State House.With his insiders leaking every Uhuru plan to him for a fee,he sat at his Karen VP residence planning with so called “hustlers” peacefully.
One big mistake Raila did was failure to push Uhuru to shake up IEBC early,yes there are laws but even through dirty tricks.
My on point of view…

Hitting the nail on the head. Konyagi was drank with power and sense of entitlement. He listened to nobody, infact the old lady can manage the transition better than him.

It is like you are privy to political discussions from here to Yues, mpaka unajua vile Clinton waliongea na Obama and they met

Sometimes you just have to give the devil his dues. Inability to think? The guy who bagged the presidency on his first try? Nani mwingine kama yeye? That guy is super smart and a schemer par excellence, at least politically. Remjius with his ‘genius’ mind bado anatafuta kiti 41yrs on.

Remjius Baboon hudanganywa vimalamala sana. He always falls for the maize trick kama kuku

Thank you for that maina kamanda video. We move on and accept and support him , RUTO is the president of Kenya. Aongoze nchi tusonge mbele

yes ndio maama yeye husema kutkut kwa rally

I was in a local caucus campaigning for Obama. Our mandate was to give him an agenda and tidwas for talking points on foreign affairs. We used to receive emails and text messages from akina David Pouffe (not that the info came from them). The vitriol between Clinton and Obama’s supporters was pregnant to a point where the principals were absorbing it and throwing snide remarks (I don’t know if you recall Hilary laughing off Obama’s experience when talking about the 3.00 am phonecall? “What experience does he have to show? Community organizing. Huh!”)

This is not about the law but hardcore politics. You them wonder why akina Makau Mutua are blaming everybody else but Uhuru

For your own interests. He has the knife and yam as somebody says here

Uhuru was led by ego, his heart become corrupted, he believed he is clever and can oppress and have his way. In short dishes out that faith he started with and relied on his might and wisdom. He looked down on ruto like a small boy that ought to run to him everytime he coughs, he even publicly humiliated him. Along the way he dug holes and put traps, in which he has fallen into as we speak.
He forgot that warning ‘don’t sit with scoffers you become corrupted like them’ guard your faith seriously, ‘for there is a way that looks good to a man but it only leads to destruction’.

unaweza fikiri Kenyatta is being executed ama amekuwa chokosh.

Bottom up inaendelea aje?

What knife and yam? The state has tried to prosecute many people and failed miserably. You honestly believe they can dent Uhuru? A typical high profile trial in Kenya lasts 12 years. Anglo Leasing, Goldenberg (15 years), Keroche Tax Evasion 2005-2021.
Sometimes we have to be realistic in our beliefs.

So you wanted ohuru to rig the elections? Tugeges made their decision and ohuru being a democrat respected their stupid decision however foolish it was. And now everyone has to live with the consequences of tugeges. Ohuru is a democrat. He deserves the Nobel price for respecting democracy even when tugeges put the country on the path of going to the dogs.

Akina Makau Mukua thought Uhuru would use the “red phone” tactic and order everybody aroind.Ruto played his politics well and used every second available to crafy his way to State House.
Handshake was the deal breaker and it gave Ruto more ammo,he targetted the wealthy as his cabinet team.He went around the country freely campaigning and dishing out millions with promisory notes too.
Kalonzo should for go governership of Kitui or wherever same as Karua as presidency is gone until 2032.

Oh my! I didn’t know comprehension skills are rare. I didn’t say I wanted him to rig. No he should not have made his preference obvious or if he did he should have also reassured the other contestant that there was nothing personal about it. Then he would have negotiated with both or the front runner. It’s not about who wins but the transition with his interests safeguarded. In 2002 Moi was comfortable with both frontrunners after making sure the guy he couldn’t negotiate with was out of the contest
Otherwise why is he and wailing and gnashing his teeth while his mother is screaming herself hoarse? An outgoing president should ensure they still have access to power. A wife of a former president who doubles as a mother to a former president screaming murder in reaction to a comment made by the president means she/they have no access to power otherwise they would have taken a trip to state house to iron out issues

then he transitioned to drumpf and not Clinton.

Obama campaigned for Hillary rife rife

Uhuru angefanya nini sasa. Raila angebaki opposition uhuru angekuwa na shida second term na ruto hangeona statehouse

he paid ruto to join jubilee how was he going to see him as an equal partner. uhuru’s problem was not ruto but the mt kenya politicians who wanted to take over his throne. they chose to betray him and work with ruto coz they will have some power in kikuyu kalenjin partnership