Lets learn Lingala

Its good to grasp a few basic words of a foreign language to diversify our/your understanding and interactions.
Will take us through the little basics tutorials I know.

-Mbote ? Hello?
-Eee Yes
Eee Mbote Hello

The word -Zala means, to be, exist(au kusema’niko’ kwa kiswahili), live,sit or dwell
The word -Ozali means, you (wewe)
The word Malamu means, good,well or fine.
So in a sentence, we can join those words and ask, ‘Ozali Malamu?’ meaning ‘How are you’ or Are you Ok?’
…the lesson continues tomorrow.


Motema na ngai?

Madiaba madiaba ni nini

@Web Dev We will reach there. But to answer you, Motema means ‘Heart’, ‘na’ is a joining word meaning ‘and’, and ‘Ngai’ is a possessive word for ‘mine’.
Because we cant say, ‘mine heart’, it becomes ‘My heart’. A similar example;
‘Bolingo na ngai’
‘Bolingo’ means ‘Love’ whereas ‘na ngai’ literally means ‘and mine’. So ‘Bolingo na Ngai’ will be, ‘My love’…

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@mabenda4 …Madiaba- does not refer to anything in Lingala. It was just a dance style that was coined and fashioned by some Congolese musicians who fronted ladies with big behinds. Its like Kwasa kwasa, Ndombolo etc.

Na senga senga ni?

mokili – dunia. au sio?

Mokili mobimba=momo

Tiga fangi mwanake

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I remember one guy in campus approached a Congolese guy we were studying with akamwambia Bolingo na ngai. All hell broke loose because huyo mkongo alifikiria the other guy was hitting on him. I laughed when I read this thread because it reminded me of this incident.


I know nuthin’ about this so I’ll deviate slightly… :rolleyes:

lol I may get burnt but Imma say it anyway… On my nights out, I can always tell when a West African man is trynna hit because they send drinks over. Like, even if I’m at a table with 10 people, the waitress/waiter will tell me that everyone’s drinks have been taken care of for the night. And those West African niccurs don’t crowd you. They send drinks and then come say “hi” after like 4 hours. Sometimes they actually don’t even come over and will just send a note (with the drinks) to say “hi” … here it comes … If a Kenyan guy is trynna get the pannies, he usually walks over and joins the table lmao with his lone beer in his hand. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


who can tell me what bolingo nangae means?

songs of my father

this answers my question :slight_smile:

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We are not getting answers to our questions @xuma

There was a time back in klost Half Jadhe wrote some very hilarious lyrics of Franco’s Kimpa Kisangameni in Kiswahili. Who can remember what the ferker wrote? It was damn funny.

Batoto ba moibi

wachawi wa kisangani walikutana kuroga familia ya kina franco that’s what’s the song is all about

quoted from lingala institute u will get all the lyrical tlanslastion there

Kimpa kisangameni
The story
Kimpa kisangameni translates to (The Meeting of sorcerers/witches)
In retrospect it is said that he predicted his own death, in “Kimpa Kisangameni”, recorded and released in 1983. Ntesa Dalienst (who unfortunately is also no longer with us/the late) explained to us the meaning behind the words. In Ntesa’s explanation it is like Franco predicted his death.
Franco tells his mother “KEBA “be ware/
attention: see Bavon Marie Marie franco’s brother the one who did the song maseke ya meme is dead (believed to be bewitched) by “bandoki” sorcerers/
witches. Now next is me (Franco) and you will be left alone without a son, who will bury you? (Franco asks his mother in the song).
He asks his mother to open her eyes. The sorcerer is entering into the family to eliminate everyone. Bavon Marie Marie has gone, if mother doesn’t take care they’ll all go, and you will be left. And who is going to bury you?
That’s what Franco was saying to his mother.
So: “Kimpa Kisangameni”… so, “sorcery has entered into the family / there are people that want to hurt us / Mama, open your eyes / if not, you will be left on earth, with no sons to bury you”.
And unfortunately as Franco predicted that’s what has happened: Bavon Marie Marie is gone and Franco too has gone and Mama was left behind.
kimpa ki sangamene kuna zulu means a mystical event has occurred in the sky/above/heaven
kimpa = mystery , zulu = sky, heavens
indoki (sorcery/sorcerer).
It is a mystical song which describe events, experience taking place in the astral…which Franco has contextualized in his own personal experience related to the death of his brother
You will notice that in thissong the lead guitar is the bass, which makes it deep and mystical
The wordings in chorus
Mbisi zi mpipa luta teka hein ! , hehehehein?
Malafu ma mpipa luta teka hein !, hehehehein?
Mimpuka mi mpipa luta teka hein !, hehehehein?
Suni mi bantu luta mina hein!, hehehehein?
Makasu ma mpipa luta caba hein !, hehehehein?
Ye ma mpudisi ma mpipa mame !, heheheheinhehehehein?
Bungusa kwela tu kwela… Whoever Franco was cursing never lived to see another day.

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@le scumbag sorry was off air attending to other issues. yeah. Mokili ni dunia am Ulimwengu.Earth or World.

@le scumbag Senge or senga is to ‘ask’.