Lets learn Lingala

@kiLo- Mokili Mobimba means ‘Big world’-Dunia Kubwa.

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@le scumbag means ‘uliza,uliza’

roho yangu. How can I forget that sweet congolese chiq telling me in a sweet voice motema nangai

@Koolibah …She loved you then.

utatuma nilie

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na hii inamaanisha nini

@ronga lol go start a thread on this. I don’t like derailing threads … not too much anyway.

Those west Africans are very good at scheming. You might fall for him but when the time comes for you to pay, you’ll appreciate Kenyan men more.

@WuTang you’re focusing on the weirdest part of my comment. W.African men are more generous than Kenyan men. That was the gist of it. Its just a fact.
Whether they deal in drugs, sell body parts or etc is not in question.

I’m just making an observation.

Of course they are generous to a fault, I don’t dispute that. They use generosity to control and manipulate and they have perfected this game.

I didn’t mention anything that happens beyond the club atmosphere. I was only reffering to what happens in there.

Also, you should know by now that EVERYONE uses something to control and manipulate. It isn’t limited to W.African men.

Counterpoint, Kenyan men say that they prefer women from other E.African countries because they’re more submissive and hospitable. I agree with that because I have a Ugandan friend who can pamper a man to high heaven. If it is a fact, it is just a fact. No need to dissect it.


Bolingo sio scumbag?

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@Jazzman …inamaanisha mapenzi.Achana na @le scumbag.

@Jazzman umeskia,WACHANA NA MIMI!!!


Bandeko ya basi nayo @xuma

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Feelings wachia pink handlers na wanknanyama. You know what I mean

@kush yule mnono Bandeko is the plural form of the word -ndeko which means ‘a family member’ specifically ‘cousin’ in this case cousins.
‘Basi’ is the plural form of the word ‘Mwasi’ which means ‘lady’,‘wife’ etc
‘Ya’ means ‘of’ or ‘from’
So Bandeko ya Basi nayo means ‘Female cousins’

Thanks @xuma I love the song 12000 letters by Franco despite the fact that I don’t understand a thing.