Latin Kings Vow To Assassinate Chicago Officers For Killing Boy With His Hands Up

Hii mwaka riots zitakuwa another level. The gang says the boy was assassinated and revenge is coming.


There are no two ways of dealing with a gun carrying criminal. Risasi ya makende.

Get rid ya right to bear arms 2nd amendment chieth. Waanzie hapo, but these people love their guns to death…

2021 gonna be interesting.

True, there is a very powerful gun lobby group. The constitution states “…the right of the people to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed”

Guns in civilian hands helped Dutch settlers in American colonies to fight off the red coats (British) and allowed the Confederates to resist the Union during the civil war. 2A will always hold a special place in the American society. I don’t think they will ever get rid of it.

Do the colonials live in their houses till today?

Does Jesus still walk among mankind preaching the gospel? People hold onto their beliefs long after they are relevant.


How does getting rid of the second ammendment prevent a 13 year old from getting an illegal gun? Ojingaism is a curse

Bear. If you bare your firearm casually you are likely to die. You can carry it in your vehicle boot or glove compartment, as long as you have a licence for it, but you cannot walk around displaying it. If you have one in your belt, or under your coat, and a cop stops you for any reason you ought to declare it to him/her to avoid trouble.

How will a gun in your vehicle boot help you?

Even in Kenya, you can have a gun. You only need to be vetted. If in your village some 13 year old starts making rounds in the village with an illegal gun, forget the cops; the villagers will lynch him!

The original intention of bearing arms has nothing to do with killing your neighbor on a road rage altercation. It is for justified civil action/reaction if the government oversteps.

Maybe, but that is not the only reason why they bear arms. They do it to defend themselves in all situations and a gun in the car boot is as good as a rubber knife.

Just like you guys love abo.rting little babies?

It’s culture. It started in the days of cowboys and Indians where you had to have a loaded rifle above the fireplace in case the Indians or bandits attacked.

Kenyan settlers also keep several rifles in the house as a carry over from the colonial era.

Americans don’t really own that many guns as compared to the Somalis or Ethiopians for instance. In Ethiopia practically everyone has an Ak 47. In Ethiopia they buy and sell guns and ammo everywhere. Same story in Yemen.

The Swiss start shooting guns at a very young age. They don’t have an army but everyone is a soldier with several assault rifles in the house.

So wachana na @Abba he is very ignorant and uninformed. The only thing he knows how to do is to smoke bhangi and have sex with underage village boys in Busia. I understand that he has a very hairy vagina.

Na hakuna mtu in USA anauuliza: “who gave that kid a gun”?

True, it’s not practical in an emegency, that’s why the law is a wierd thing. You can’t be allowed to walk around displaying a weapon, and a rifle is too long to conceal if you were to carry one out in the street, so that’s why. Those nutcases who massacre people in public places have to use cars to get there, and possibly hide it under a trench coat, otherwise they wouldn’t get far with it in a city street. I guess the reasoning is that you should only carry a rifle on a hunting trip, not for personal protection. A weapon must be concealed in public, except for uniformed law enforcement and the military.

You are assuming he was given? That is a hard core criminal. What if he killed someone and took it, or bought in the black market, or stole it from someone’s house during some burglary mission or something? There are boys in Kayole who are gang members and possess guns. Utauliza aje ati nani alipea gang member bunduki? That boy will find you in a dark alley and shoot you dead without a second thought.