Kwani siku hizi kila dame anauza kuma?

What is the fuck is happening among Kenyan ladies these days ?

ha ha zoea mapema, hii Nairobi huwezi date bila pesa,
after a few chats ,unaskia, can you do me a favor? nitumie 5k nitakurudishia very soon(means never, kula pussy ujilipe)

Huwa mnanishangaza sana. What do u expect when u go after the low hanging garbage and rubbish women who think the world owes them a favor just because they have a moist hole?

Raise the bar na ukatie mtu ako na kazi na pesa yake. Vitu kama izi zitakuwa rumours.

wacha kujidanganya. I recently wrote here how one asked me to cover her car instalment for that particular month…a whopping 130k! I know she has money but kutoa ni ngumu kama mwanaume yuko. ukikataa you are branded stingy.
Hapo kama singejitoa next ingekua project ya mjengo ama shamba ama fees…almost all women expect some monetary benefits from you…but I have met some who were never that greedy, and most of these had very modest incomes…lakini wale wa 6 figure shida ya pesa haishi cos of their very unrealistic lifestyles…Kwanza kama ni single mum utapata mtoto ako shule ya 1m fee and rent 80k. Am talking from experience bro.

It’s true…Most women want money and just want to pay back with their moist holes. But some are quite special. They are contented with their lifestyles and seldom as for favors, leave alone money. I am lucky to have met one

It’s true…Most women want money and just want to pay back with their moist holes. But some are quite special. They are contented with their lifestyles and seldom as for favors, leave alone money. I am lucky to have met one

Huyo shingo matha wa 1m school fees na rent ya 80k…
Ama wacha tu…

Usishangae ata bibi yako pia…

Kuna kamoja Ka student in a college, she literally begged to be helped pay her hostel, she will refund a week later, after a week she started stories of how we need to meet, told her, nimekabariki na hiyo pesa, I know how such kind of stories end and at my age, mchezo na a 19 year old college student is a no no.


i can relate…u will go eat the nyau,then the following month while you are still tafunaing her it will change from “i will refund” to just “niokolee rent ya this month”…the month after that it will move to “na usisahau deadline ni 5th”…na hivo ndio utajipata kwa mtego and just like that sdhe is your responsibility and if you fail her kunakuwa na consequences na threats(especially akijua bibi)

“know when to hold” know when to walk away, know when to run" so sang a very famous country singer.

I know one earning 40k a month. She drives and lives in a 35k a month house. These are the worst. Totally dependent on men.

And where did you cross path with a 19yr old, rarua kitu na uigie mitini, coz deep down you knew what you were getting into when you loaned her.

oh…one does know…but one’s organ doesnt…wanaume tulirogwa

This is not normal

Just be a crude person and she will not attempt to borrow. She weighs how soft you are first.

Just save up… live a peasant life for a while, next year when the economy finally dips and everyone gets stingy these types na hii high life yao will sink faster than a steel anchor. Kuna watu wamezoesha these women na its not going to be there.


I have this chic we went to Primo with, chic is fly, singo mother, works kwa insurance. One day this popular nrb tycoon comes to pay shit at their office gets her number, calls her at night and pays for her faking RENT!!! Ivo!!! A different day, shes out at Kenyatta market doing her hair the old fart calls she picks anamuuliza uko wapi, she says shes making her hair, niga sends 30k!!! He’s never called to meet her, never!!! So in April she sees some nice piece of land anataka she doesnt have the money, and guess what, she calls the guy peke yake, remember all this time hawajawai meet or even had a 5 min conversation, she asks to meet him and akalimwa with the old fart, he faked her and gave her usd 3,500 alishinda ametuwekea whatsapp status ya hizo dollars wiki mzima in different locations mara kwa back seat ya demio, kwa vibeti, dressing table… long story short shamba hajanunua, but she moved houses ako Ngong rd siku hizi- stupid move.
Haya, this other story is a beta male one, last week, nimetolewa job, my rela is a resident engineer hapo, asks me to take the wife get her german fixed asigongwe na mechs pale inda we go to a popular repair shop,chic hukaa poa sana, she’s extremely sexy alitolewa ocha she was the freshest thing those sides and is loyal as fack (so far), jamaa has done so much for her family, anyway tunaingia pale and mimi naenda story pale na service guys making small talk, so this guy anaingia pale na this two door merc, very well dressed niga, sees my relas wife amekaa kwa waiting bay, shes very fly i cant point this enough, anaenda pale and starts small talk, immediately dem ananiangalia but nalenga, even these service guys wananiuliza vipi madam atapandiliwa juu but we all laugh, i tell them ni wife ya mdosi. After small talk naona he goes and checks out her moti and compliments her then goes ahead kushugulikia his car blah blah. Wajamaa wakamaliza kutuwekea springs na tire mpya round bill was north of 180k. Nilikua nimepewa 230k juu missus huogopa kutembea na pesa mingi, niki fika kwa cashier chic at the counter says casually bill imelipwa with the gentleman in a blue coat pale. I almost shit myself , literally mafi ilianza kupanda kwa intestines, we were dumbfounded siku amaini, this is almost as much as i am capable of saving in a year after kujinyima starehe mingi sana jamaa akapeana free for a chic he talked to in 3 mins. Reciept haina number haina kitu. She wants to refuse nikamshow awache ufala, she waves to the guy and tells me tutoke haraka and i almost hit a boda tukiingia main road nikiwaza hii story. So i ask her hii pesa tufanyie nini? Shes like go tell your brother what happened, na umrudishie pesa yote! I get back to work rela alikua ridgeways mall, nachukua doublecab ya site nakimbia and gave him the receipts and his money back. His friends wanabambika na hio story mbaya and keep asking me to repeat it to anyone who joins. He drops me off kwa bedsitter, kabla nishuke he tells me, yeye na huyo wife wametoana mbali sana na akaniwachia 30k, asubuhi first thing i sent that money ocha ipake nyumba yangu rangi.

Siwezi na siwezi pea mtu pesa anticipating for sex hii kitu imekua overvalued its sickening.

All i am just saying that it is easier dem wa mpesa kukuomba small small money kama pesa za salon na rent etc, than it is for a top executive. The problem is that most men are intimidated by successful women and so they opt to try their luck with lower hanging fruit like the cadre u have just described. Na hapo ndio utakamuliwa hadi settings.

Hata Hao mnasema ni high flying executives sio wote wazuri kwa pesa. Nilifanyia mmoja job akanishow anirudishie pesa ya expenses lakini labor zii ati atanipea referrals. Karibu nichomoanishe kile nilkuwa nimebuy. Most women have been conditioned to expect men to pay for their shit