Kwani siku hizi kila dame anauza kuma?

This very normal for someone with a sound mind and who has control over themselves.

very normal…pia mimi mchezo na such younglings siwezi.

This very normal for someone with a sound mind and who has control over themselves.

Anajua ni wangapi saa hii WAKO inbox asking for small favors promising to be very discreet hata unajiuliza kwani umepanda cheo ya sponser

@imma_Peasant , theres nothing for free in life. The kind of people dishing out such cash know this too well,mwanamke akiingia hiyo line atakamuliwa mpaka settings,u think the guy looked at the German bure lazima "mark"iwe worthwhile. Kuna wanawake wengi garages wakijitengezea magari kama demio,axio lakini hakuna mtu anaweza wajaribu coz such a lady is smart with her cash if she can go downtown.pulling a hustle on her is near impossible.
Wakati mwingine ni pata potea but a smart con will invest wisely with near 80% ror hiyo 20% ni Negligable cost ju the lady will be flooded with cash alainike kabsa then one day sijui oh container bla bla. Kidogo mwanamke ashachukua loan ya millions and that is the day mr.fancy benz/range will disappear with the biggest loot of his life with investment covered .
Hii michezo tunaifahamu sana ndiposa mjinga na fedha zake…
Hawa wanawake wamejaa shida ni hawawezi kusema or kwenda kortini kwa sababu they flaunted all over social media how thyre living the life.none can accept the backlash. This is how women who are nitumie fare,woie niokolee na ka 10k are born… because they are in financial shambles trying to put up face getting by with handouts and selling nudes. Ole wewe ukapatikana na such kwa sababu utakamuliwa vilivyo with the bad blood they have against men.

Anajua ni wangapi saa hii WAKO inbox asking for small favors promising to be very discreet hata unajiuliza kwani umepanda cheo ya sponser

You’ll always get these pestering girls, but you are not at any obligation to follow up on all of them.
That’s where you know if you’re in control, or available to be manipulated.


Very true

Whether it’s a request or an obligation, I didn’t set myself out for the pestering. You are there minding your own business then an inbox just pops starting all well with greetings before u know it you are being teased with upskirt or boob shots

blanda…huyo wife ali mangwa baden.she seems green,lakini hio ninja ili fanya mambo chini ya waba

Am just taking notes, lakini @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii you’re delusional. A woman will only hold from exploiting your resources if she is buying your trust or respect.

we will never know

They are still infatuated with the animal called love.

Thats not your problem.

I am a very social person, ask the village who have met me, in some rural areas, people mistake it for something else. we met in an office I had gone for a meeting and she was seeking a service.

I am a non-conformist, I prefer mature women, they come knowing a married man is in it just for fun, if you fall in love/attach feelings, it’s your funeral.

Hehehe it will become mine when my photos are downloaded and become part of her profile picture, naogopa balaa.

When I’m dating/courting ladies, it is better niitwe stingy… Its better my money never leaves my pocket… My current roster is depleted, 2 active ladies, and they know me as stingy and this is better than having 10 ladies who know me as a baller.

I can never monetarily invest in a woman ( they’re depreciating assets), when there are men out there who are poor because they invested all their monies on women thinking that would translate to love and loyalty…

Once I hear hiyo story ya ‘can you do me a favour’, I just loose the number… There’s no need to interact with poor people who expect handouts from strangers…

You wouldn’t want your children to borrow money from strangers

There is one who told me that her pleasure hole is like a fully stocked shop, I did not even ask for her number.

You’d be surprised at how much betas overvalue pussy out there. Ata nikuwe na pesa aje, the last thing naweza kubali inisoteshe ni kuma. I’d rather roll a blunt with a hundred dollar bill and smoke it than give that money to some skank in an attempt to impress her. I’m extremely mean with my money when it comes to women.

Utaambiwa mara ngapi,kuna mafala kama saba wanagonga hio shimo,wewe ni mdau tu.Pesa anayo ile ametoanisha hao wasaba,wewe unakaa mtu hivi hivi tu ndo maana unajitetea.vitu zingine wacha zimarinate kona yao,au vipi mdau

You should up your game ukae kama mtu ako na pesa hata kama uko na ya ngumuu na fanta ndogo,change venues, where you hang out speaks volume about you,change friends if need be,that goes without saying, and go out diferent places more often.That “nothing is for free” bullshit is a used up adage,you’d be surprised how much is free out there,its only the ‘gentleman’ in you that decides to pay it forward