Kwani Ranieri alipea Leceister nini?

These guys are taking on all comers and giving as good as they get. Ranieri must have these guys on something. 17 games in and 38 points in the bag. The Foxes have a lot going for them this season. Damn.


hope they win the league

Watachoka tuu

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very surprising. and they are getting fans, chelsea orphans sasa naona man-u pia

Hehe Jirani unajua Leicester ni mnyama strange kwanza venye wako top. Kuchoka ni noma kwanza venye Epl hawaendagi winter break but I think they will try to milk that run they are on until then.

@Mauricio Sai kila team imewarada…wait n see vile Wataonyeshwa

definately playing champions league next year

Walisema ivo juu ya Southampton last season

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hii yako haiwezekani… kwani tangu league ianze “teams” needed 16 (arsenaly tuliwachapa) kuwasoma??

True…kwanza noma inatokea venye hawatoboi kuweka clean sheet. Defense kama kichungi:D:D

hii ni a different case juu wao ni table toppers na wameacha number 2 na some points if we draw against city ni hivo kuwapata itakua ngumu

Hapo nilikuwa nimesoma “coomers”

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what matters most is the three points angalia what was happening to liverpool afew seasons back they concede 3 they score 4

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it seems to be working for them. But RESPECT, when these guys play, it’s beautiful to watch

United aren’t playing well, City aren’t playing well, Chelsea were not playing well for Mourinho and Arsenal are in the premier league. That’s why Leicester are top at the moment. Without European experience or players with such, even if they make it to fourth, they won’t get past qualifying for the group stages.

Haina was, tuliwakamua 5-2 kwao na tunawangoja bado

We could be witnessing a shift guys. Cheki team kaa Nottingham Forest, in the 80s they were the shit. Same thing with Villa. Ama akina Celta na Inter, at one time walikuwa juu but later on wakabeat and other people wako juu kukuliko take over.

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Fact No. 1-They beat man-u.

Fact No. 2- They are on top of the league.

(Man-u wako number 4)

Naenda kulala.

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another reason why epl is the best league in the world…UNPREDICTABILITY

Na Everton the season before that … na Aston Villa a few seasons ago … na Tottenham every season

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