Kwani Ranieri alipea Leceister nini?

They are on a great run and they play good. it will be interesting to see hw they will handle the remaining half of the ssn.

Ranieri alinitafuta akiwa na lita tano za mikojo ya nguva. Nikamupeleka kwa mzee Boga mgenje huko mwakirunge, jamaa alipewa tunguja kila game yuwaidunga toothpick, mtu lazima afungwe tu

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Boss, walidraw 1-1

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I beg to differ. The surprise element would make them a wildcard in europe. Remember leeds some years back?

Hizi team ndogo ndogo ndio zitachapa Leicester… Wachana na hawa bigwigs

i think you mistook us for Chelsea ama Man-City

nawapenda Fantasy
points chungu mzima

uli-copy team yangu … lakini bado mimi ndio kusema. Both kwa Fantasy Premier League na KTalk prediction league


ati copy :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

ngojeni wapate 40 points needed to avoid relegation, mteremko ita anza pretty fast, at best they will finish top 10

Naona wakiwa top 5 bro and the way they are playing they can even make top 4.

They are heavily reliant on two players. Once fatigue/injuries set in, will they still keep up this performance?

yes they are playing exceptionally well but shida ni manager used the relegation card to string out the performances so far, so wakiget to 40 kuna players watalegea na this will cost them dearly

Complacency ni mbaya sana but time will tell because other big teams have not been playing very well.

has the downfall already started ama?

Maybe and may be not. Games za saa hii ni tricky sana.

MAN utd vs Chelsea is the trickiest of the games tomorrow

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Utd should just hope for a draw because hapo mbele their strikers are not doing so well. But if they can beat the blues pia si mbaya.

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am actually in doubt whether the Players will react before Van Gaal beats the dust, it could be a 5th defeat in a row

Both teams will work hard to regain their pride.