Kununua Gari

Tuseme nataka kununua gari, ya around 1m should i carry cash to the dealership, mtu hulipa na cash au cheque au wire transfer, and can i just drive out with the car? what documentation needs to be done.Naonanga zingine hazinanga number plate whats the issue with that, zingine pia ziko na numberplate lakini hazijakua pinned hapo mbele.Also what should i look for to ensure that sitauziwa gari iko na shida shida hivi.Nataka kununua gari lakini naogopa kugongwa.

Enda tradecarview.com and save yourself some cash

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kwanza before ununue hio Gari tafuta Mechanic yuko na [SIZE=4] OBD-II software for car diagnostic in his computer or a hand held one…then go scan the thing…you will be shocked at the errors you will get kwa hio gari “mpya”…then you can use that diagnosis basis to bargain for a lower price…or leave that thing alone and l0ok for another one…most of the dealers will not agree on cheques because or rampant cons…watataka Cash problem with that is that if the deal goes wrong hauna basis ya ku report to police…i would prefer bank transfer coz hio utapata evidence…[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]I hope pia u have checked the car in KRA to confirm the validity of the log book and VIN Number etc etc…you can never take anything for granted this days…gari haiwezi nunuliwa kama mboga kwa kiosk[/SIZE]


siku hizi hakuna gari inaweza toka port bila number plate…it has to be assigned one before being cleared…shida ni wakenya hununua gari na number plate and not on the basis of how mechanically sound the car is…so if its KCD…everyone would want to buy that…ndio maana sasa hawaweki number plate because itashukisha value when its displayed

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I don’t think he is looking to import

Bank transfer, never pay anyone cash. If they insist on cash then deposit it into their account yourself

@vuja de importing seems a bit too hectic for me, plus hizo mambo za sijui tax na year restrictions are too confusing, i just want a local ride.

Eeh, last I recall, we no longer issue cheques whose value exceeds one million. Pay via RTGS (takes effect same day if requisitioned before 11a.m, next day if after 11) or EFT (takes 72hrs).

Secondly, if you have friends and/or mechanics with similar models as the one you’re interested in, talk to them and get to know what challenges, if any, they encounter.

It often may be a good idea to carry your mech along with you (depending on how confident you are in your knowledge of cars). Don’t mind paying him 5k or more (it rarely costs you that much anyway), he’ll save you much much more.

Mengine ushaambiwa.


The high dollar will hit him hard

A mechanic may screw you by misleading you into buying a less than perfect car so that you can pay him to repair it later.

The dealerships will raise their prices (for existing stock) accordingly to maximize on the high dollar and new excise duty

What sorts of mechanics are these you come into contact with?:eek:

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Identify the car you want,agree on price, go with the dealer to your bank and make a bank transfer. There you have all the evidence you need in case anything goes wrong, hawezi kukuruka. If he doesn’t agree to that, run to another dealer without looking back.

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He is in business

What other charges do i expect to incur from importing such a car apart from what is shownhhere?https://www.tradecarview.com/used_car/japan car/honda/fit/16635065/?sp=1 cc

*You cant import a 2003 car. The oldest you can now is 2008

Assume hio gari ni ya 2009

Visit ushurucalc.com to do the tax/duty calculations. For example, a 2008 Honda Fit …




2009 …