Kununua Gari

hiyo huwezi, anzia ya 2008. Ama import kama gari ya transit, peleka Tz, register it there, lipana so you use it here bila kushinda ukilipishwa ile tax ya usage

Labda niwe napewa bure TZ. Hizi shortcuts end up being very expensive in the long run

I once took a friend who wanted to buy a 2006 VW Golf which wa going for 850k…and I insisted we go with the diagnostic kit which I have…the car looked good though…but on scanning we detected 12 errors…and plus the mileage had been tampered seriously…and it was 2005… Not 06 as they claimed…when we showed him the diagnosis offered to sell at 620… But my Pal decided not to take it…he didn’t want to the Hassles…and FYI a jus Kali mech will not be of much assistance…Hizo Shia huwezi ona ha macho or taking a 5 minute test drive…or revving the moti…hence you need the scanner…and you can google the error codes for yourself…if in doubt…that’s why people say VW Golf zina shida mingi but it’s coz the guys buy without having proper diagnosis done…it just costs 1k to have someone do the diagnosis… and takes less than 5 mins


Boss…iikiwa unajua hii mambo itabidi niku consult soon.

I have several questions.
Doe that kit work on any car?
How much does it cost?
Do you hire out your kit and how much if yes?

Sio ngumu sana. In fact, Tradecarview wako na office huku Nairobi

nope I don’t hire…I have the software installed on my laptop…and I have USB converter cable…the ODB 2 scanners are of many makes depends on the functionality and complexity…unazipata tu eBay mingi…most work on any car…you just connect and select the vehicle modem…but the cheaper ones can only scan…the more complex ones can scan, diagnise and clear the errors
Check this out

For my cars I always have the manufacturers service center software kit…so I can program and do all kinda things…it’s a weird hobby



My pals is a car salesman along ngong road ,he told me about the diagnosis …but he just described it as a program you run on a car to detect mileage n stuff…good to know more

Kenyatalk is the place to be bana

@msalame grace inakaa hii ndio biashara yako, jenga watu na deals poa

Nuuh I learned this DIY stuff while in the UK…even young school kids could do stuff like routine maintenance changing oil and stuff…it’s extremely expensive to go to a service workshop every time a check your engine lights come on…hawa watoto huko they learn that stuff in high school…so I enrolled for classes at some technical college and I learned a lot of this basic stuff…and little by little I learned…so siku Hizi I can fix nearly everything as long as I do the scan, research online on forums and I have the tools…hata engine nafungua tu…and when I take it to a mech I know what I want done so hawawezi nidanganya coz I’m a women…most mechs in Kenya don’t know shit…just get a German car ndio utajua


@msalame grace great information, i had not come across this On Board Diagnostics thing till now, i have found some good resources on line about it and have really learnt a lot today.Thought i should share this pdf for those who are also interested.

Karibu kwetu. Be Forward Kenya. Please call us 0723 460 149. magari yetu yapo hapa http://beforward.jp

Vocational training and apprentice is big in the UK for many young people who want to learn a trade by practicing it Bila Mambo ya theory mingi…I got to learn woodwork, gardening, landscaping and plumbing during campus holidays…and cookery…while in Kenya we are busy turning technical colleges to campuses


Tumepoteza mwelekeo

you dont have to go to KRA to search kuna app and all you need is number plate na VIN and you do the search via the app. google

nauza NZE 2006, 98km,

No plate ?? Na bei ??, CC etc … more details pliz

Just paid my first installment for a car I am buying from japan today. I have done adequate research and I can tell you that you are better off importing your car from Europe or japan. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a good deal locally, however, getting a genuine and honest seller is an uphill task.
It will take about a month to buy, inspect, ship and clear a car from Japan. Car import duty is set to rise by approximately 160,000 per unit as soon as the finance bill is assented so you should act quickly.

If you are buying from japan check whether the car was sold to the used car dealer via an auction and download the auction sheet which is written in Japanese. Despite the language barrier you can check the overall grade given to the car at the auction as well as the grade of the car interior. You can use this information to bargain the price. Most Japanese used car auctions list their cars on jpcenter.ru


This is disheartening