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I am 40. During the quarantine, I got pregnant by someone I was just starting to know.
I didn’t think I was able to have any more kids.
My daughter is now 12, and suddenly here I am – pregnant.
I don’t love the father. In fact, I’m pretty sure he loves someone else.
Nonetheless, we ended up getting married for insurance purposes.

A few months ago, I found out he fathered a child with his uncle’s wife.
It eats me up inside, and I can’t move past that.
What kind of person does that?
He was never acknowledged as the father, and the aunt/mom didn’t want him around because she is still married to his uncle.

Well, I am now close to my due date.
I don’t know how I can make this work or if I even should.
I raised my daughter alone because her dad was abusive, so being a single parent is nothing new for me.
Him getting involved with his aunt – to me that is morally wrong, and I will never think that is acceptable.
Help me decide what to do.



I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost four years.
We live together along with my two older sons, ages 30 and 33.

He doesn’t spend much time with me because he’s either working or hanging out with the guys at the bar.
I do have jealousy issues. He looks at and talks to other women when I am with him.

My former husband used to be out every day until late in the evenings until I caught him cheating with my best friend.
It’s hard for me to trust again. I truly love my boyfriend, and I don’t want to lose him.
Should I be jealous or let it go?


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:eek: And what kind of aunt does that???


more like what nephew adores her auntie? anyway love is blind

Single moms are a hot topic huh?

Im stuck at the two 30 year old men living with their mother and her boyfriend :D:D:D

That is not his aunt… that is his uncles wife… no relationship… just a honorary family title.

Auntie fucker detected

Stop burying your head in the sand. Deal with facts… what relationship exists betwen them… infact the right way to introduce her is my uncles wife… not aunt… aunt is blood… wake up.

Honorary, yes, but what respect is that to his uncle? An uncle is like a dad, so go figure. His wife is called ‘Aunt’, just like the sisters to one’s parents, so as to maintain respect and keep such shame away from the family. She’s in the pool of women you don’t lust after–and in case you do, you restrain yourself for the sake of your family. It’s you who should wake up, respect is not given just for the sake of serving selfish ends.

Hiyo story ya Kwanza ni ya upuzi, she can’t even admit her cheating mistake, and then she openly admits she married the “aunty lover” for his money. … yenyewe some women are stupid and illogical


I bet the boyfriend,26yo probably, is at war with the kids for not calling him father,he demands respect. Watoto wamemea pembe,at 30 and still living with mommy:D

Still incestuous under our laws

Uwes!..kwanini ulilala na wife ya uncle yako!

That’s @poyoloko and his bro :smiley: Ghasia zimekataa kuhama kwa mathe banae

Don’t argue with fools here. They’ll try to sanitize everything even taboo topics just to justify that niggas gotta stick their penis in everything.

that cr*p is not from these parts of the world …