Kunguru Dramas Never Cease...

Taboo gani kiyana… Why haven’t I heard you talk about bingwa the scrotum yet wanakamua their blood cousins… sema its a sign of disrespect… kukamua wife wa uncle… lakini hakuna taboo hapo… wewe kwanza tukifungua files zako, i wont be surprised to find the first time you inserted your pencil in a punani it was courtesy of your cousin…

Pia Isaac na Jacob walioa first cousin.

The first woman fascinates me. Sleeping and getting pregnant by someone she didn’t love. We’re they just fucking for fun?

Kutomba cousin sio mbaya… Lakini kutomba bibi ya uncle ni makosa ingine hatari sana

File yangu unafungua ukitafta nini?? Yes I fucked a cousin… Maina’s cousin. Her name was Njeri. Sadly I lost contact with her

Heheh na si you ask Maina to share her contact ? Or was he also fvckn her ?

Ambia yeye aache kukaa atudo.

I didn’t make myself clear. That incident happened when I was around 14 or 15, stretching to 17 when they relocated. Nimemtafta fb na kila mahali nimemkosa. But for now I know I stand no chance to reunite, probably some rich ass nigga be hitting that poontang. I wouldn’t know nothing about Maina because unlike @Azor Ahai , I don’t be fucking niggas’ bums.

Na huyo Aundie mbona humkemei kwa kutolea ‘Nephew’ suruali:oops:

When a nigga gets entangled with single moms, we bash that nigga.

I did; look at my first response


A 32-year old man in Bugoma county has shocked his village after impregnating his mother-in-law
who had visited them to assist her daughter in handling their newborn baby.

Kelvin Waliba, according to his wife, did not deny having an intimate affair with her 43 years old mother.
Ms Nekesa, Waliba’s wife, blamed herself for having invited her mother to help babysit their 5 months old daughter.

“I am a full-time employee and I don’t have enough money to hire a house-help.
I, therefore, invited my mother to come over and help as I make plans to get a house help”

Mr Waliba who works as a gardener in a neighboring school is said to have been sneaking back
into the house and engaging in lovemaking with the 43-year-old mother-in-law.

According to the mother-in-law, she has been single and therefore didn’t see any problem with what she did.
“I am not married and was struggling with an intense dry spell. I found it hard to reject Kelvin’s advances”,
Said the Mother-in-law.

Village elders are now planning a cleansing ceremony for the family as this is considered a great taboo.

I got married 8months ago, my hubby earns 70k monthly while I am yet to get a job, during our wedding ceremony,
hubby spent about 580k on the list given to him for the traditional wedding,
I persuaded my parents to reduce the list but they said it is a must and a tradition.
He was able to raise the money as I wasn’t working and I couldn’t help financially.
After marriage, I suggested that he should be sending something monthly to my parents as he does send to his parents too,
but to my surprise, the reply he gave me was that he didn’t owe my parents
anything that they have collected all they are entitled to from him.
I was not angry about that until my younger brother wanted to get married and his bride family gave him
a list of things for the traditional wedding which amounted to 400k.
My dad then shared the expenses and told my husband to contribute 120k towards my brother’s wedding but to my surprise,
my husband said NO! and told me that my family has collected all they wanted during our wedding
and they shouldn’t come to him for any financial assistance, this got me angry and I told him that he is not responsible.”
Ever since then we have been living like strangers in the house, he doesn’t talk to me,
he has just been keeping to himself, and I have never seen him this way before not even in our 2 years of courting.
What should I do?