Kumbe, it's so so simple ku dry fry a quail.

I never knew that it’s so simple ku dry fry a chick in the shortest time[ATTACH=full]2441[/ATTACH] & especially the beautiful ones.
So sweet & now I’m working on staying free from diseases.

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If hormones are at the right place and a lady is craving DF its easy.

Shes pretty…vitambaa nazo :oops:


am yet to understand why men feel the need to broadcast that they got lucky…doest getting laid some sort of an achievement ama?

when was the last time you get laid dry fry hkm!?@Supu don

HKM…??? this morning actually? watoto wa siku hizi jameni…

I find it primitive, annoying, silly, childish…
I wish we could also tell anytime they lay us and dont toshelesha mboga.


quail zingine huwa zimekataa na hiyo kitu sana, ukiikanyanga unakuja hapa kuringa

Please change the settings of your handle to read “Female/Shemale”.

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kwani ni oxygen than you must get it? this talk is cheap…sorry…

Maybe to him its a big milestone in his life… This should tell you how green he is behind the ears…

sasa Mundu:…chunga sana vile unaita @aviator …na usinipige mstari…

the first real sexual experience…cheap…

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You shall not dictate my gender, whether you are a mod or not. Nkt!!!

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I dream of doing something to you one day, na si kukususpend. And my dreams are valid.

I cant publish pictures za people I lay. DF is just a need like i need to eat or I need to shit, and i like a good meal and a clean convenient toilet though . I cant post pictures of food am eating or my toilet. Hiyo ni upus. I can publish pictures of random ass or tits though.



oooh yes, your dreams are valid…

can the owner of this listing bring down that pic? @Mundu Mulosi and co. this is wrong…suppose it was ur sis…

Relax, wacha feelings. Gender is not something you choose or somebody dictates, unazaliwa mwanamke, manamme or shemale.

This mod thing is just boring, you give an opinion and guys just think unaongea hivo juu wewe ni mod. Nkt!