Kumbe, it's so so simple ku dry fry a quail.

hahahahhahaha…am loving this…

If you cant take the heat, get out of the kitchen. It was fun when you used to bully KLost mods, but now it is boring when you are on the receiving end. Resign nipatiwe hio job. Ama wewe ni shareholder?

([SIZE=2]With a light touch, though[/SIZE])

Wee nawe wendete uuru ta folithi.

:eek:o_O…quite an under achiever if u ask me…

hahahah…magituraga manumaga…btw, riu ngwambiriria kumathumbura

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Wewe usilete u klist hapa…

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Revenge is best served cold!

old habits swits…

ooooh yes…

no harm until u bump into your sis photo with some kid claiming he DFHKM…thats when you will jua…nyinyi ma moderator mna mapendeleo sana…:slight_smile:

Funny how some klist mods are venting out their frustrations hapa. Accept and move on

Wewe ukiwekwa moderator hapa nafunga account;)

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.hahahahahha…yani unaweza sema hivyo…you remember that favour i did for you?..na vile someone begged me…so you know i know your other handle :slight_smile:

Hii conversation yenu inaniconfuxe :frowning:

weka mbisha ya maku

Hehehehe he didn’t beg you he just told you to do what you did. Alafu wewe Na kiherehere yako nikasikia hiyo story Na Kennedy… Lol. My other handle was never something private. A lot of lister knew it was mine after I closed it.

Chunga sana vile unabonga. Ktalk is not immortal.

Hawa wawili wananikanganya sana…@Supu Don and @ Supu …
I guess we already figured out @Supu don is the former @ Supu of Klost… So as i had asked in an ealier listing and shall do the same here… Who the F*** is this @Supu ? which bonoko is this na alikuwa nani klost na kwanini anang’ang’ana na jina ya wenyewe?
Kwanini hataki kubadilisha even after we have pointed out anatukanganya…
Or is @ Supu don having a monologue … handles mbili ka klost??

@ol monk @admin What is the procedure of changing ones name? I tried to figure it out but I didn’t get how to go about it… Please advice?