Please, nimeshindwa kukatia dem…I lack that courage to face a lady and seduce her…Kindly advise me on how I can improve

NV chieth

Chapa konyagi quarter and thank me later

Hahaaa…ubaya I don’t drink

panda mat enda town hujulikani ongea na wasichana wa mpesa.

This one will soon be available …
You will not have to say much …
Just host her for a quiet weekend in your Crib … :smiley:


Am too old to beg for pus.sy… either give me some or sell me some

You are afraid to talk to girls kwani did you grow up in space? They are like anyone else. Anyway, tukiwa high school nilikuwa naona tukichapa sips kadhaa za Jebel ama flying horse tukienda funkie and it helped. But for an adult? You are fucked.

Wow…looks a nice advise

Accept people have difficulties socializing, I didn’t use my time well in high school…hahaaa

where’s she?

Wacha kunyonga

address the problem here bwana…stop creating you own problem and failing to help

Hujui kukatia, hujui kudrink, fala hii ninini unajua?

Hahahaaaaa…fala hiii, olisikia wapi watu hujuwa drink

Most girls and women are actually very easy to talk to and slay. I rarely visit malls but on a typical visit, i usually end up with numbers that i dont really need simply by striking up convos with chics. I actually dont follow up on most initial contacts. Much in the same way dogs kill cats they don’t even eat to start with. Wife akienda shopping na watoi mimi nafanya patrol kwa mall nikisumbua madem. I will try to help you:-
[li]Start by asking yourself; " what is the worst that can happen if you asked her out or requested for her number?". The answer is that she could say NO,[/li][li]With number 1 in mind, approach as many as possible. Be cocky and confident around them but not arrogant. Your chances lie in the numbers you approach. Out of ten, I can guarantee half will give you a chance unless you are so boring and lame,[/li][li]Practice disarming them by learning to look them in the eye with a piercing look intermittently while checking them out but try not to be disrespectful. Much in the same way cocks behave around hens. It subtly communicate your intentions,[/li][li]Most importantly, learn to state your purpose from the get go like a real man; pass your message loud and clear and not some vague information while hiding behind bushes and thickets like a little bitchy mouse. If someday you would want to fuck her, say so from the get go,[/li][li]Given an opportunity, unleash the wakanda in you and go for the jugular. Idea ni kugonga vitu at the earliest opportunity before deciding kama utaingia forest or stick around,[/li][li]Ikishindikana, ingia tuu SJ na 400 uondokee shida mingi.[/li][/ol]
What I am saying in so many words ni kwamba; work on your confidence and engage your natural hunting skills. You are an animal to start with.


Rexxshada y do u like this bloating ruminant who may also be pregnant? Can u manage bloating and pregnancy at same time?

Kind regards Magreb

I’ll try