First you should try making female friends or being around women then you will realize that there is nothing special about them and that they are just like you.

Very true. Most huwa too thirsty for Dickson Omieri ni vile wanangoja tuu uwachokoze. Kwanza wale silent who appear too principled ukichokoza utajionea ya Musa combined na ya Pharaoh. Wanakufungulia roho then eventually miguu mpaka uone pancreas.

Yeah, I think I have to adopt this…thanks a lot

Get inspired by Nickie big fish.


Alcohol won’t work… Why drink to get ladies?
I would advise you to strike conversations with young females selling stuff at your local… Then endeza hadi utoke na number … works and you"ll get courage to talk to other girls

Wow…Magreb and Gamal, yu’ve really helped me

Great, I appreaciate

This is great advice but doesn’t work for everyone.
There are people who have no problem interacting with ladies on everyday matters but ikifika ni kukatia it is just difficult.
What you consider small talk someone else will dismiss it thinking dame hatabambika.
Looks also go a long way. Msee handsome hata na lameass pick up line may gain some mileage. If one has self esteem issues regarding how appealing they look anaweza shindwa kukatia.

Of upmost importance learn to identify kungurus and their ilk. Hao watakutumia ukifikiria ulichota kumbe ulichotwa

How do you take your liquids? Drip? …anyway back to the question at hand… Ukiona dame unapenda, wait until you make eye contact then swiftly with the agility of a cheater, make letter "o"using your left hand by touching your thumb and index finger with the other three fingers pointing up. Using your right hand, make a fist and extend your index finger…bite you lower lip and vigorously insert the extended index finger to the letter “o” in an in out motion for three seconds then wait for her to profess her love.

Boss this is not something you will come to ask here. Unatuaibisha banae.

Approaching women doesnt need any rocket science. Women are easy to talk to sisi wanaume ndo huogopa bure tu. Confidence matters. The worst a lady can say to you is no. Just come up with interesting stories.

And that’s where my problem is, low self-esteem

It’s not about shaming us, this is my weakness and I feel I’ve received pertinent advises to put in practice

One word…bull shit! Talking to a woman does not need these rules of thumb…just start practising and take each situation as it comes. Be clear, women can smell the lack of confidence. The goal is to make yourself mysterious enough to intrigue their curiousity.


Finally, be clear on your intentions after getting the lady hooked. Time is expensive and you should value yours. If you are in a relationship, tell her and let her know you are in for the fun so that the rules are clear.

An appealing advise

Kitu iko scripted ndio unaleta hapa? Seriously? Not just scripted but she is paid for that. Mungu saidia.

Heneway, @Patesh unataka kukatia msichana upeleke wapi? Kwani ni keki?

What you should be trying to achieve is having conversation with a woman. Women love being listened to. They have thoughts, emotions, ideas running through their minds. They have things they wanna let out. Talk with a girl. Listen to what she is saying, pick her body language cues. Use that to drive the conversation and achieve your objective.

Start small. A simple hi…the more you do that and they (specifically huyo msichana anamalisa wewe ngufu) respond, you get courage. And, also jaribu to smile back. A smile always attracts a smile…or a grin.
The big question ya kujiuliza ni, “what do I have to lose?”

Some people are not storytellers. Or witty enough to go with this. Hapa ataanguka sana.

Pole bro lakini low self-esteem is a nightmare. Ladies smell that from the get go. Start positive self talk and believing in your image and capabilities kwanza. Low self esteem will affect you hata kwa workplace ama hustles. You wanna do something or make a contribution but hiyo low perception of self will always hold you back. Kila time kujidoubt na kusema “point yangu sio ya maana”. Mara, “sauti yangu ni mbaya”
“Idea zangu si fiti sana”.
If you happen to have kids, this problem will pass on to them.

I imagine your folks did not do the best in congratulating you on your little wins or encouraging you when you didn’t do as well. Neither did people in your environment challenge you to be the best you. Hata kama ulikuwa unapata number one and it never got recognised and acknowledged,that messes you up.
Basically, kulikuwa na shida na parenting.

@kukuru kakara thanks for your advice, I’m getting to learn my weaknesses

Kunywa tei uende club. Pitia brothel before uende. Utoe nyege