Ktalk Annual Newspaper is Out ( attached )

It has been a long year, I’ve decided to create the village gaseti, if you wish to get the page two to 10 please inboks and be patient. I’m preparing the final copy of tagged lanyes and their pricing, which will be on page two. Asanteni elder na muwe na krisimasi njema.

From digis desk for the VS’s.


Manispaa news is on which page

page 12

What of the centre spread?

By columnist ngimanene

This is a crazy-good idea. It only need some fine tuning and some expert skills here and there. The admin should pick this up.
Here is my little nudge on the cover :D:D Just Lorem ipsum! It has the Free Manispaa news pull-out :slight_smile:

Good work.

Welcome. Many thanks to Canva :slight_smile:

Henu nipee iyo wet coochie advice

@digi I have always believed you to be a genius. This is an amazing Newspaper if it exists. Hebu tuma copy

Good my son




Good work mahn. I am laughing my ass off over here.

This magazine should be produced and published in hardcopy version

This kijiji has crazy talent

Brilliant man!

Swafi mblo

Swadakta Mike clitoris