Ktalk Annual Newspaper is Out ( attached )

My clitoris


:D:D:D never a dull moment kijijini! Merry Christmas @digi

A merry Christmas to you and family too. Asante sana.

Yes, we have a list and prices

Excellent, talent galore!!!

Ya kanugu manenos KPLC ikinyeta?



Who’s your consultant on “Bei”?

The elders have spoken

The lanyes themselves gave pricing and numbers

Brilliant kipii

excellent brilliant idea Digi. indeed 2020 wasnt a joke.

No input from the partakers of the services?

@cortedivoire huwaga a well seasoned price assessor on the fly, see “siwes mind kulipa xxxx” quips on various lanye and kienyeji posts

He never goes wrong.

i like this shieth…siwezi mind kulipa 10k kusoma


Your design skills ziko juu.

Msisahau story ya @ChifuMbitika alilipa 32k all his savings to get laid:D:D