Kisumu residents protest outside EABL, say locals must get jobs

A group of Kisumu residents protested outside East African Breweries on Thursday following reports that no locals had been hired.

They camped outside the premises for hours and said they would not permit the “importation of workers yet there are qualified and capable locals”.

The placards they carried read “No importation of workers" and "We must be employed”.


Obunga resident Dennis Onyango said they demanded that their grievances be addressed after claims that many of the company’s workers are non-locals.

Onyango said they felt sidelined yet the company took on a project that would see the provision of more job opportunities.

“Following this, we talked to the manager who told us they would give our people opportunities. The manager said they were working on the mode of choosing employees."

Rose Mwamba told The Star they were fighting for their rights as members of the host community.

“It’s very clear that when such projects are undertaken, communities should be given the first priority. That is not the case here."

The residents admitted responding to speculation as the claim had not been substantiated.

“We were told we will be given the list of people working there, through our leaders, for confirmation. We are looking forward to that,” said Mark Onyango.

The plant will produce Senator Keg, made using locally-sourced sorghum; EABL wants to recruit more than 15,000 farmers with guaranteed market for the crop.

This will see an increase in demand for sorghum and an improvement in the lives of small-scale farmers.

President Uhuru Kenyatta lauded EABL for introducing Senator Keg when he announced plans for the Sh15 billion brewery on June 28.

The President noted EABL is targeting sorghum farmers from Kisumu, Siaya, Migori, Nyeri, Machakos and Tharaka Nithi counties.

He also noted that one of his administration’s main aims is to empower both the public and private sectors.

@Purple ebu come kiasi uone.

I thought of calling her on reading this and after the Kiambu thread lakini nikawacha tuu. Tano tena.

When Kiambu workers demanded the same thing from their governor, so many couldn’t handle it. Why the silence now huh?? :D:D
If we could just ponder a minute and ask what percentage of migrant workers have been imported to Kisumu, really? Maybe 10% at most?
If we apply the same argument as these protesters, should non-locals currently working at EABL, Ruaraka be asked to leave in favor of Kiambu locals?
The best thing ni “kila mtu akule kwao.” ~mhenga woriah, 1994

Politics should never be anywhere near private business. Employers will hire the most qualified and least expensive labor, period. So unless there’s an explicit reason they shy away from local residents, protests are a gigantic waste of time. And if I am EABL, I’ll be damned if loudmouths are going to tell me how to run my business.

Am surprised they did not destroy stuff there! Lakini wacha wangoje kupewa hio list na politician…

So Ruaraka is in Kiambu?

Says someone in America… Nowadays i wonder why god creates them so daft… Look at mama pima for example


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Luos working in eabl in other counties need to be transferred there and all the non locals taken back to their counties. This local politics will be the end of us

Somebody mobilized these protestors, they did not just appear, another extortion scheme?

I doubt whether some of the people who claim to be abroad are really abroad. I guess they are hopeless wannabes in Kiambu cownty.

It’ll be a very very skewed list.

However I believe it should be that the locals get priority. Even in Kiambu.

What sitaki ni hii ya county kuhire VC ya University. Hiyo, NO!

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D their is no comeback to this. Expect them to go mute.

Very progressive demos. They have jus realized zile protest zingine haziweki kichwa ya mbuta kwa meza

Locals deserve to be given priority on the jobs if they have the talent.

hi judas?

Same happening in Kisii where Tusky’s have occupied former Nakumatt’s Mall location. The locals are in an outcry and boycotts as they accuse the management of importing workers and neglecting locals.

How many times shall we say living abroad does not mean we are not Kenyans? we are not superior. This is a narrative in some peoples’ heads and Grundy you should know better:(. We are every inch like you. We are in touch with the politics and propaganda on the ground. We have families and relas at home. We are the ones they turn to when they need some financial support. Pls do not expect me to be smiling when Uhuru or Raila go head to head.

No need for an insha but we need to chart a way forward as Kenyans. My County Kiambu is full of Kenyans from other areas. Hata usiende mbali…enda tu Ruaka or you head the other way to Kiambu Town. If Waititu says ferk off kutakuwa kubaya zaidi. He has got some task here, oh boy he bloody does.

Poor UhuruRuto.

I sincerely thought the exposure that Kenyans get out there should make them think rationally and be more objective but it’s true, some people cannot change