Kisumu residents protest outside EABL, say locals must get jobs

I’m still tryna figure how this …and “peaceful” Demo’s for Employment consideration are related?? Quite sure if those guys are patted,Lazima mawe iko kwa mfuko ile ya Just in case…like they say.


This could take a long day na sina time, you are mixing ishus. Hakuna cha exposure. If exposure is supporting Raila wacha tukae. We need you guys to showcase some young NASA Turks.
We do think rationally. More than you guys on the ground.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D labda list ikitokea ndio itafly

Team “Locals should be priority” and Team “Every Kenyan should work anywhere” are both right.
It’s a delicate issue that needs a delicate balance, and the people protesting above have every right to. Coz it would be absolutely shameful if those youths that are jobless see youths from different regions benefiting and they aren’t. And also it would be wrong for anyone not from that region being told they can’t be considered coz they are not locals. A balance is definitely needed and i dont know if the 70/30 formula is the best way to go about it but even in the premier league all the teams have to have a certain number of English players no matter how much better the foreign players are. There was also an issue after it was found out Chinese are doing the menial jobs at sgr. So locals definitely have to be seen to be benefiting from any development in their areas.

Can you discuss the topic without ad hominem attacks? Bure kabisa.

Duh! :rolleyes:

Who mentioned Raila? You are the one who is mixing up issues. On needing “us guys to show case some young Nasa turks”, I wish the discussion was about us showcase someoning a leader who is visionary, full of integrity, etc. but it appears like for you the most important quality in a leader is the age (LOL).
Lastly, I have a good number of buddies who went abroad and the most important quality that I admire in them is somehow they have been able to overcome tribal bigotry and look at the bigger picture, like you might find someone supporting Uhuru on the basis of his development but not his tribe and such a person is really objective and they can criticize both the government or the opposition objectively as opposed to supporting Uhuru coz he is a kyuk or because they hate Raila (Jaluo).

Ruaraka is in Nairobi. Most of the times it is girls with beauty who lack brains but in your case you seem to lack both.

Oki…my comments come from stuff I have read from you@Grundy. But having said that…mmmh you can’t just rubbish our opinions as we reside out here and sliding down to…‘some of them do not reside abroad’, such crap. Naaaa. Don’t make it personal. Let us try and find a solution as things are going to escalate and the most losers will be Western Kenyans as they have jobs near or in Kiambu County and so we live next to each other and all we want is peace. Gone are the days you could go to Tuskys and speak in Kyuk. Wacha ni jiremove from hii convo for now.

This summarizes the conversation I guess. I am actually disappointed that you still have beliefs similar to that person who lives in Muchatha.

Yes Grundy. But the nonsense that we live in the diaspora…hiyo no. Tutafute solutions as Kenyans.

We must lead by example, especially you guys in Diaspora. We really look up to you given you are in mature democracies and you’ve seen how it should be done. But having said that, we living here must also play our part.

Ad hominem and ad populum attacks to try and sound cool, not. Assuming you have brains, can you engage them for once.
Can you also explain where the root word in “Ruaraka” comes from before shamelessly appropriating it to Nairobi?

Obviously you didn’t watch Trump’s campaigns or what led to Brexit. Jobs, borders and immigrants are very hot topics in this “abroad” you talk of.

Sawa, insults aside, Ruaraka is in Nairobi county. Forget about the names coz Nairobi itself gets it’s name from the Maasai language and this does not mean it is in Kajiado or Narok.

There are redhead and hooligans as you’d expect but generally the two countries are way ahead of us and there is so much we can learn from them I believe.

No he did not Sis. Angeona how we are hoping we could nego for a 2nd Brexit referundum. The Shoshos that voted LEAVE…will never live to see what I and others are drafting with a bleeding heart. Haki Ngai…The youth so disappointed as they voted REMAIN…so we would like to discuss this ishu about who works where in Kenya. Sigh!

Very highly educated, rich people of all ages voted for Trump because he promised to bring back American jobs and protect the borders from immigrants. That’s the real America of today not what you imagine. There are few countries in the world stricter in allowing immigrants than the US.
If you want kenya to imitate America can we start issuing green cards and social security numbers? Can we also have higher university tuition fees for non-locals?

Not imitating or aping but trying to borrow the good things from others. Uhuru opened our borders to all and sundry and do you think this is good for our country?
Trump can be a buffoon at times but the last I heard their economy is looking up and to me this is the most important thing for a country.

At times Uhuru says the dumbest things but we still love him. On this issue of locals vs non locals and public/private jobs in a county, there needs to be a cohesive statement issued by the council of governors. Sio one county is free for all while others remain non diversified. That is called double dipping. Thankfully, the constitution has already made provisions, with the 70/30 rule. It’s just a matter of implementation.

Funny enough, the hard labor for heavy lifting at the Somali wholesale shops has been left to @uwesmake relatives from Uganda the Bagisu, and no one is complaining, they pack 3 50kg gunny bags of sugar effortlessly until a 24 wheeler is empty.