WSR being fought by the president and his henchmen. I hope they succeed not because I support UK or I despise WSR but because I want to have the option of actual departure from the old world order come 2022. Take a listen now on Raphael Tuju’s conversation with George Nyanja on how to fix WSR using the Kiambaa Church PEV issue. The authenticity of the audio cannot be confirmed but hey, this is exactly how social media works. We spread the ‘news’ first and question credibility last.


We dont crick please…

Seems like fake nyews…


@spear is this audio legit

Liweliwalo 2022 Uncle William Ndanii

That definitely in Nyanja, the former owner of Courtyard bar, LA. The other voice sounds like Tuju.

It must be Nyanja who leaked the clip…


Let them pray Ruto never becomes president…the guy will screw them over vibaya.

yes people were burnt inside that church and those responsible should be made to pay for it but am disgusted that such a sensitive issue would be trivialized and politicised in this manner. The way the two are talking about it makes one feel sorry for a typical poor kenyan voter…an expendable entity.

that’s def nyanja but hapo kwa tuju sijui

Why would he? is he like a double agent? he doesn’t seem to be intelligent enough to be. he just sound desperate

It is quite sad but these politicians are the monsters we create.

Fake or real, in his Kasarani outburst, Uhuru said, something to this effect, our people should be able to live in peace wherever they are, farm and educate their children in the next 50 years. That was a loaded message that required alot of thinking.
Ruto blunder. when MP Sudi took the podium awhile back, and pointed a finger at the kikuyus in RV. Ruto would have reprimanded him in public to, and even cut ranks will him.
So, i won’t be surprised if PEV tings, are placed on Uncle DP Ruto’s way to the Statehouse.

uhuru is the one who wants to scare the kikuyus back to his cocoon

That is the strategy. But it is not resonating with the ground because:

  1. Did PEV happen sometime between Uhuru swearing in and the handcheque?
  2. Can you talk of PEV without the head architect of 42-1?

As long as tmt is part of the package, the ground is not boarding.

Let’s wait and see how things unravel. The last 100 days will be crucial. No one knows what destiny holds for DP Ruto.

From next year, things will start to take shape

uhuru will make more mistakes if he continues talking in public no one knows what to expect fron him

Tuju hataki kujitokeza before 2021. How do such dumb people rise to the positions they hold?

Tuju will probably get sacked. The former VC of Jubilee thought that he was powerful kumbe wapi