@spear Come see your friends.

Najua umejihami popote ulipo waiting for orders.

orders gani?

Go hunting for debt defaulters

Deni ninajua no national debt pekee yake na ya bank

Liwe liwalo

That’s definitely Nyanja’s voice, yeye hucheka kama kuku inanyongwa. The narrative has now changed from corruption to war mongering??? Seems his opponents are becoming desperate. Hata watoe nini kwa closet, bado tutasema Liwe Liwalo…

Hehehe let me leave this here

Live life… Leave politricks

FUNNY THING IS , most kenyans , especially the shiny eyes , would not be talking about PEV if this clip was not leaked …

I expected central people to condemn and organise yearly processions in honor of their children & women killed in KIAMBAA CHURCH , but they forgot and they don’t care …Bado utapata a sane shiny eye like @gashwin na @Motokubwa saying RUTO 2022 LIWE LIWALO , you guys know that RUTO was part & parcel of Post Election Violence pale NANDI LANDS against madoa doa and it’s a shame you support him … There is no problem with you guys hating RAILA but remember to hate RUTO too …

Kenyans suffer from amnesia.

I was of a mind to correct you but i fear it will be a wasted effort…where have you been living recently?

It’s been over 10 years. In that time, one has never incited his people against mt Kenya. Has in fact gone on to convince his people to embrace a kyuk candidate. The other one’s motto has continued to be 42-1. He even recruited kalooser into that campaign model. During the last campaign, he was loudly inciting the maa to chase away madoadoa. He was silent as his rampaging mob burnt mtk properties. Why would we treat the 2 equally?

Nothing factual in here but oh well, we are Kenyans and facts don’t matter to us. Speaking of silence, when will WSR reprimand the tribal warmongers from his backyard led by Sudi and Mandago? No hurry. I’ll wait

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Run up to 2022 will be v tough. Mtu ajipange.

Tumejipanga my fren . . . . anyone but RAT!:D:D:D:D

Yep. Akwende huko HANAYTHING NOT HIM. No-one is voting him huko Cendro…Ruto owns the votes.