Kieleweke Mtaacha za Ovyo. Hamna Ata Adabu!!!!

I may not like jakuon but I cannot wish him what these kieleweke minions are hoping for. Imagine they are going around the mountain telling people to vote ass mio because babu will not last 1 year and the government will go back to Mt. Kenya. This is evil and should be condemned by all regardless of political sides.

All the Oginga’s ever wanted was to be president…for even one day. Raila is likely to achieve that…then he leaves… and we go to serious nation building with Karua.


This is why WE as mt.Kenya wanted Peter Kenneth, we know that is a fact

On a national platform Karua draws the crowd far better than Kenneth would’ve

That is for sure, but as you all know, about ruling, no man wants to be ruled by a WOMAN

Nimeona hio clip ya wazimu Moses Kuria.
Although it’s hogwash and a stupid allegation.
Nobody knoweth the hour nor the minute of his/her time.
@Baaba will probably live to be 100.

Anybody except those 2 greedy UDAku hyenas.

Weka link.

Baba’s departure can be hastened…after he archives the Luo dream.

labda akue uko kwake bondo. The curse from his father would haunt him till the end.

it’s not hogwash. That’s what they are selling.

In an unlikely event that Raila wins, his first agenda will be to cut some peeps to size. Sijataja ni nani. Some of those Kikuyu fuckturds also thought Moi would not last. Walijua hawajui. It seems their IQ is too low for them to learn from history.

Before Raila selected Karua for DP, there was a huge number of kikuyu saying they will not bother to go vote.

That huge number of kiuks is now back and the main reason RaKa appeals to them is the expected Baba departure.

This messaging will bring in significant votes from mt kenya.

Tunarusha assla P.O Box sukoi @8am Aug 9


The lesson kikuyu learnt from nyayo error is to never allow another non kiuk to become powerful enough to pull down kiuks.

So Raila will not be given time to position his people in the main national power positions.

How will that be sustainable? After Uhuru, don’t expect another Kikuyu in power in the near future. A lesson that Non-kikuyus have also learned is that Kikuyus are selfish AF and if by chance you get an opportunity to lord them, don’t show them any mercy. Both Raila and Ruto know that. It will unfold soon.

Aa for Raila in particular, by December, Luos will be running the show. Never underestimate a predator who is hungry and waiting to catch a meal. By March next year, Karua will be crying and considering resigning. By June next year, Kikuyus of Azimio will be seeing real fire

NB: Raila may be old, but his lieutenants aren’t. They are energetic, hungry, angry and ready to feast

Beginning with Raila, .ke leadership will alternate between a real kiuk and a non kiuk, kiuk puppet like Raila is now.


Not really. First, the population of Non-kikuyus is growing and the field is getting leveled. This will be clear in the next 20 years or so.

Second, wealth is equally getting distributed across the country so the Kikuyu oligarchs will no longer have monopoly (Thanks to devolution and other factors). Unlike in the past, we now have Somali, Kalenjin, Kisii etc millionaires and billionaires who can influence politics.

Third, in Kenya or Africa, anyone who thinks that he can mold a puppet out of presidency is a fool. Don’t you guys learn from history. WTF! Rest assured that if Ruto or Raila wins, the first victims will be their second in command. Ata huyo Raila mnaona ni puppet will deal with you mshangae what hit you. Mtalijua jiji my friend. By 2025 you will be praying that Raila dies while boarding buses to go and pay homage in Nyanza.

It’s okay as long as those two kalenjin thieves don’t win.

The same kyuks who want to elect two leaders who tried to deciminate them in the past.