Kieleweke Mtaacha za Ovyo. Hamna Ata Adabu!!!!

Wishful thinking. What we will see is a lot of "O"s in mega scandals. That’s about it.

Yours is a wishful thinking. If Raila wins, Jaluos will take over everything, from military, port, KRA, ministries etc. It is natural, it is expected! Just like Kikuyus and Kalenjins in the present and in the past!

jakuon will never win anything.

Competence isn’t tied to gender

Ruto lost a considerable chunk of Mt. Kenya votes after choosing that Rigathe thug. That’s just plain facts.

Funda wewe. What do you know about Mt. Kenya?

If you are not gay women have ruled you before you were born take it from MGTOW Member

Boss unaniita funda juu ya mwanasiasa? Personally IDGAF who wins this election.

Hapa Mt Kenya tunachagua baba na mama. Hatutaki waizi. Niwaigua kagege?

It’s projected that there might be 1.8 m votes in Mt Kenya east this season na Kwa ground tembea tu acha imenti central na South the rest itakuwa 60/40 ok I vote in embakasi south but Im from meru

That’s nonsense. babu will get no vote in Mt. Kenya.

Hapa Mt Kenya we are voting Baba na Mama. Hatutaki waizi. Niwaigua?



funda wewe. Hamtapata anything.

Very true. Na ataanzia na Kenyatta family