Kenyan men listen, stop saying you want a woman who will build you

Vipi, I’m back with facts.
Now I usually see guys when discussing wife or girlfriend candidates, they talk about ‘I want a woman to bring something to the table’, ‘I want a woman who can build me’ Men, there is no such thing.
Even your mother cannot build you as a man. Case in point, male children of single mothers. Let’s speak the truth here.
A woman is there to give you sex. Full stop. You want to talk intellect, business, sports, man-stuff, you do that with your friends. Most women are not interested in that shit. They simply want you to entrain them with your talk, your wit. That’s why we men lie to bed women. Your mother on the other hand is there to ensure you don’t sleep hungry.
So stop saying you want a woman to build you because that will never happen. Which man do you know got more financially responsible after getting a woman? Rich men manage because they have money. You give a Kenyan woman 100k every month on top of her corporate salo and she won’t disturb you. But a woman is not going to build you.
Si ati behind every successful man there’s a woman. It’s that women are attracted to successful men. Great men. If I meet your girlfriend in a club she’ll want to take a kaselflie with me. That already implies that she is willing and able to take my tarimbo hehehe.
A woman is like having a pet. Theoretically, you expect something in return but really you have it around for altruistic reasons. The more you know your girlfriend the more she ages and the more you resent her. So why do you think you keep her around? Afterall siku hizi ni mamboch hufanya house care.
So stop saying a woman will build you. She can’t. Show me a man who has been married for more than 5 years who is not jaded. Women give by taking. After kukagua hiyo pussy ni pesa unatoa my fren. You have to build yourself first.
So no more saying you want a woman who will build you. The only building is build up to sex. Hii ingine hakuna


Does this kumbaff deserve an answer?



I will do a favour to you @Andrew Kibe and answer you. Some of us don’t seek women to confirm our status by subdueing them. My women are my ever fragile grandma, my mothers, aunties, sisters, sisters in law, daughters, nieces and daughters of my friends.

Do you feel happy when you abuse someones child, mother or sister?

How would you feel if someone abused your daughter?


summary ya hii ni…?? siwes soma

eeish!! , what a perception of the women folks…

Why are you guys butt hurt na kuna ukweli hapo?

That shit is real.

Yes, ni mafeelings ju ni Andrew kibe amesema. But the negro has a point.

Sounds True !

I see this clown is yet to exhaust his online allowance of stupid.

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The village was getting better without Georgina Makena,now another one in the form of a man is back fullswing


@Andrew Kibe = @GeorginaMakena

Hapo sawa! @Andrew Kibe