Kenyan men listen, stop saying you want a woman who will build you

" One bastard goes in and another one comes out" ~ The good,the bad and the ugly

shows the only thing that ever goes through your drunkard mind is sex… what you are trying to promote might have some truth in it but such kind of truth only applies to grown up teenagers and fuck boys.

Bado you are talking about your mum feeding you? Bure kabisa! Nooo mutu kama huyu ni bure bureeee


The brother has a point, cut him some slack.


Very true Andrew Kibe. Why are women not attracted or engaged to a block ass nigga and build him up? When a woman says “huyu akinioa hakua nakitu” all she means is there were better and more richer guys out there than you were. Not that she was more well off than you. No sane woman gets married to a man who is poorer than her. Only desperate single mothers do and as you can tell from the past postings here these are not normal women. So when a woman accepts your offer she has seen you are more richer than her so all Mr Kibe is saying make your money and the woman or women will come running to you.

Women are hypergamous, but at the same time S3x as currency always follows the law of diminishing Returns.

Summary: fwack bitches get money

@Andrew Kibe MARRY ME!!!

Im back from my honeymoon biatch take your sorry brokeass out and make some monie for women to chop, sio kulia nyef nyef kama burukengele, lazy ass good fah nothing, be a real man like Kibe here. Baff!!! Shot Satan. Lazy men who want to live off women. Nigga ,even God said to ADAM lazima uchape kazi , the fuck is wrong with you boyz nowadays.

which is what majority of people here are anyway so he’s right on the money

I really hope its not me you’re calling the B word Madame…

-Who told you i am broke,do you know me personally?
-I have never replied to any post you tag me in, so let me acknowledge your presence in the village.You are insignificant to me and not on my intellectual level of looking at life so i debate other villagers not you.
-From your actions in the village i can tell that you are an attention seeker and have a big character flaw, you came into this village to get attention so that you can compensate for self esteem issues,most probably mum and dad did not give you enough attention when you were growing up,just be yourself no need to force and go talk to a therapist,believe me things will get better

ahahahaha…It was the most appropriate quote to write given the comment.

welcome back madame.:rolleyes:
Back from a honeymoon and making a proposal to this idiot already… only you can whip up a storm that fast.:D:D

ati I tagged you??? When did I tag you? Fuck you. The attention seeker is you. You are the monkey bitching about me when am not even here, I go away for a week and what do I find, your broke monkey ass bitching about Kibe’s post that has nothing to do with you - since youre reach and all hehehe . Why you so bitter? Just get a life ok? Did they tell you in circumcision, men dont fight with women over nothing? Or are you even circumcised for starters. Look Mr. Tag me , I have never tagged your sorry,broke and beligerent ass and am going to show you how much I dont want your retarded attention by blocking you fuckface. Fuck off and get a job bitch!

These jokers here cant take the truth, they expect women to cook,clean,pregnancy,nursing,maternity then give you a loan to start a fish brained business as you sit at home watching video games all day. I like Kibe because he just tells it as it is,matter of fact one of my first stops will be rafikis to congratulate this guy for saying the truth, Kenyan guys need to man up like yesterday