Kenyan Girl Enjoys BDMS in States

I have seen an article about a Kenyan lady who was lured into DFHKMB LTD in the USA doing rounds. Apparently I remembered that there used to be a naughty girl who used to call herself Lola at Klost! Could she be the one? Mwenye ana clip weka kwa cloud tufanye forensics. Too bad what our Kenyan ladies have resorted into in the name of love.

I saw that clip…ni mbaya tu sana. …at some point they even ask her while gagging her whether she thinks anybody can pay her for sex…if she is not strong enough she might kill herself…does she have a Facebook page?

She is maragoli and hails from my county that video is sick

@The.Black.Templar and @imei2012
Nipatie rink tafasari, nimetafuta hiyo video sijapata bado

This kind of porn is niche. Its called facial abuse and its quite legal as long as the chic is over 18.

@junkie kuja uelimishe hawa watu kuhusu porn. Mtu anafanya kazi na mnasema eti sex slavery

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wekeni clip chap chap.

Niko lada mboss. Nitatoa kabla afinye Post reply


Deorro weka link, want to see how our ‘sisters’ fare on with their beloved white meat

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Kino! ataweka link

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I have heard it is from this site but I have not seen the clip: GHETTO GAGGERS

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Hehehehe onger. Hiyo site iko na ngwati za meth heads

The link was posted here and stayed there for a very long time, kwani ulikuwa wapi?

Ata sai link iko kwa other threads… hii ni porn and standard guys just copy pasted shit from mharo blogs

Lini? I never saw it na mi huishi hapa!
Naitafuta sana pia!

Check it in this thread 'Our girls are whores, a tale of Black Diamond. It’s still there.

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Junkie si Ni the proud owner of AAA batteries in between his legs?

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@Mathice, cant find that thread

The video is as fake as they come,here is the link

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