Kenyan (Bantu) DNA test results

Has anyone here taken a DNA test? I got my 23 and me results and I was somewhat surprised. I’m Kenyan Bantu (Kamba) so I expected a majority west African ancestry. 23 and me classifies Bantus as west African because that’s our region of origin but over time many other groups have been absorbed by Bantus. Kambas border Somali and Maasai territory. On my maternal side, I have haploid group L3f1a. This links me to Chadic/Sahel region or East African pastrolist groups. Surprisingly I have tiny and very distant non African DNA but the dominant majority (98.3%) is African. I would have guessed 100% African: 75% west africa, 20% central africa 5% East Africa


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am 35% Arabic bedouin and 50% E1b1b and the rest 15% E1b1a

Why should we? hatujaletewa mtoto kwa mlango!

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There is totally no need for any indigenous Africans to do these DNA tests since you know what community you belong to from childhood.

They are usually done by black Americans.

Also Bantu never came from West Africa. We came from the Congo Basin which through located on the west of Kenya is just regarded as central Africa. Western Africa is the likes of Nigeria, Ghana, Mali etc.


For those that have not taken the test just repeat this phrase loudly five times. Every accurate attempt = 19.75%

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If Bantus came from Congo, where did their ancestors before bantu migration come from? Ham is our ancestor, the niggas and He hailed in the Middle East.We should not forget that our history spans thousands of years and not half a millennium.

If you have no need, don’t say others too have no need.
Because, mimi naona nikichukua test sometime in the future.

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Where/How much is the test?

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There are no pure people at this point. Its just a mixture of everything at different degrees. Those very dark broad nosed aboriginal australians are caucasian inside.


The most likely birth place of Bantus is in the Benue region of w. Africa between eastern Nigeria and western Cameroon.

I used 23 & me. DNA sample took about 1 month for testing. $199.


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I mean they are more related to them than us. You would be mistaken to think they are africans.

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what do they look for? Because when you tells us that your DNA is 98.3% african, that is very misleading. Because over 99.9…% of human genome is similar.

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