Kenya Uganda Border

So kuna watu hulima kenya? Do they pay land tax? Na hiyo barabara mtu akipitia hulipa customs?

We need property tax in Kenya. It’s the only way to stop land grabbers. Let’s see if people with 100B worth of idle land can afford the annual 10% property tax. Watu bure sana. That alone would change this country. If you’re not using land, you’ll be forced to sell and there’d be a much needed price correction in this sector,


land is not the only property we have. will you be comfortable paying 10% car tax, 10% house tax…every year? ama io sheria ita apply kwa shamba peke yake?

We will start with land

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Any real estate property (land + houses + rental buildings). It’s the only way to bring sanity to this shithole.


Not just land. Buildings also (houses + rental properties + any lot ….car wash, parking space etc etc).

This will reduce corruption by at least 80%. Every thieve will have to stop stealing or get smarter (the latter can’t be done by the buffoons we have in this country so we the people win).

Government should just rob a bank, its easier.

Those people move in and out of both countries unhindered, they speak same language

It’s already there. It’s called land rates. The problem you will run if you try to increase, is that you will increase cost of production of goods. Also, some land will have to have agricultural exemptions. That’s where the holders are. They will put 3 donkeys in 500 acres and claim such exemptions.

There is no problem of arable land in Kenya. People just want free land.

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That’s Mehico and USA right there

Idle land pekee yake

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@Man_From_Kitale saidia hapa.

There’s nothing I dream of day and night like the prices of land in this country to get reasonable.

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Will your grandmother in the village afford the land tax?

The suam river forms the boundary between kenya and uganda. Just like the chania river forms a boundary between kiambu and muranga and each person on the side of the river analima shamba yake. So kenyans on east side of suam river farm their land while ugandans on the west bank of the suam river farm their land. FYI these could be same families but were told that the river is a new border.

There is an official custom point at suam but villagers can cross at any point of the border.

Rivers shift constantly. The boundary is not based on the suma river as it is now, it is based on the suam river as it was back then. Rivers are not the marker,

In rural areas land is free hold and people don’t pay rates.

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Suam river is the border. And suam river will not move. FYI the chania river separating muranga and kiambu has never shifted.

rivers shift all the time, did you do geography in high school?

Yes. If they care about peasants, they could start taxing past a certain acreage to nab these grabbers. There’s no point in having 10000 acres of idle land. Any land that’s used for commercial purposes or just lying idle should be heavily taxed.