Kenya is lacking spiritually

Corruption (even at very low levels); ‘team mafisi’ culture; ‘lamba lolo’/wamnyonyez - type crap; always chasing the worst of western ideals; exploiting religion; idolizing politicians who do nothing for us; idolizing money etc. These are a few of Kenya’s favorite things and sometimes I wonder, are we just doomed to constantly repeat the cycle? Am I being nihilistic/negative or even focusing on the bad side alone, or do we actually have a serious spiritual lack in this country? Sometimes I lose hope for this place because it always seems to go a level worse each year no matter how nice our roads/buildings look. And dare I say, it seems African nations are constantly in this loop of living for the now and never seeking to develop beyond the moment especially with the things we prioritize culturally

Human being s have a duality challenge ,a Dr Hyde and Mr Jekyll challenge ,many human beings will hide their true self and portray a Dr Hyde but the true self/ Mr Jekyll will always show up.

We are just unable to focus, are hypocrites and are weak. If we were not all these, we would be very far right now.

all godless countries are the most peacefull,developed and having high life expectancy…not forgeting good governance,low crime and good family values

Hopefully I didn’t misunderstand where you were coming from with your comment, but if we take America for example, I don’t think that stands true. Hollywood and what we see is a small representation of the reality there. That’s why Trump won. There’s a silent majority that truly holds religion and spirituality to a higher standard than has been portrayed to us in the media. And that’s where my argument for us “chasing the worst of Western ideals” comes from. We have been sold the Hollywood BS and think that what they sell is normal (Atheism, homosexuality, promiscuity, money worship etc) when in reality a country like America cannot come about from such ideals (not saying that stuff like that doesn’t exists there, but the foundation on which all the good things you mentioned are built from, it’s more often than not from a higher understanding of things like family, sharing, sacrifice, spirituality, love for country, morality etc).

So true it hurts

my bad,i equated “spiritual” in relation to religion or religious belief in lieu of material or physical things affecting the human or soul .

If you expect the crowd/masses/99% to be doing the right thing then you are more foolish than them. Focus on making yourself better then maybe you can be referred to as an example. Whining about others is time wasting.

It’s just food for thought my friend, I’m not complaining but simply making an observation and attempting to get other perspectives.


After searching around online, I doubt he actually said that but the sentiment behind it is true. We’ve bastardized religion and spirituality to some crazy extents and we are delusional about our role in global culture

I doubt he said that as well, which ever bottom feeder created this thought to give the sentiment credibility by associating it with an Asian president

In my honest opinion I think Africans and to an extent arabs n asians are yet to fully be civilised. Civilization among Africans is still happening and majority become aware of the demands of civilization when way in adulthood and get trapped in everyday circle of looking for daily bread. Sex has as an act has a single biggest impact on life of Africans. I will explain when called upon.

Kuna villager alitoanga summary ya the same thought,I suspect you might as well be the curator of this thought ama @HacktivistT lakini huyo anakuwanga mjinga

Please expound! Im very intrigued because I have had a similar thought due to how sexualized our culture is in so many ways! But I wanna see what angle you’re seeing it from

i hereby call upon…meanwhile i agree with the (un)civilised part

I think we often mistake shiny trinkets as symbols for civility, kindly do not look down upon the African people.

There’s too much obscured by the powers that be.


Majority of Africans don’t put any consideration on the aftermath of sex either within ir outside marriage. Therefore when a child is born most or all are not always planned for. That child will no be accorded sufficient education and many other things that could enhance his future life. Add to that mix the thoughtfulness of government and multiply that by millions. The net effect of that will be lack of proper housing, poor sanitation, corruption, high illiteracy levels, pollution, poor primary healthcare etc. etc.

I think the value of education in modern Africa should never be underestimated. We are a member of the community of nations where education plays a critical role in the human development index. Imagine if ALL Kenyans had a minimum of QUALITY secondary education?

very true. i was having a convo with a buddy today and he said the most important thing you can give a child in his formative years is a good education because it will set the foundation. foundation mbaya, maisha mbaya…